Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yum...tastes fabulous...


Catnip break...

Megat had a good catnip feast this afternoon. He licked almost all the catnip that I had put on the toy. I had hidden his catnip mice around the house. He has not yet found all of them :) He behaves so much like an indoor cat that it seems impossible to believe that he came to us only about 2 months ago :)

Yes, alone-time is good

Leave me alone...

Can you just leave me alone please?

What can a guy do to be left alone here?

Bujang has taken to finding an alone space and he stays there for hours on end. He has begun to do this to get away from Megat who is constantly trying to run him down. There is not much that I can do to rescue him apart from putting Megat in his cage on a time-out. It would be better if Bujang decides to chase Megat about, like Toro seems to have figured out. Toro finds it easier to live with Megat as he is more willing to take a chance.

But I do keep Megat in his cage for a few hours each time so that Bujang gets some respite. I notice that when Megat is in the cage, Bujang would come down from wherever he is and hang out more with the family.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Megat slept the CNY afternoon away~~~

and so did Bujang...

It has been a very restful Sunday for us in the amigo house. All the kitties minded their own business and found their own entertainment without slapping each other about. I would like to think they have found for themselves a workable routine and rhythm to live with each other. Only grandma had a little headache today but it disappeared once she had something to eat. Megat sat with grandma twice when she called him. This is quite novel as usually he doesn't come at all when she calls preferring to hide in his carrier.

I had not been blogging for a long time. Work and rashes are the main cause of this. The pharmacist says I must get a presciption if I wanted a stronger anti-histamine and she recommended me a steroid cream that would get rid of the itching called Egocot(?) . It has worked quite well. I am itching less.

I scrutinised megat this morning before his last dose of Revolution and there is no more evidence of lice that I can see with my naked eye. When he first came, I could see them all quite clearly. This means the Revolution has worked quite well and I hope the salt wash has contributed in some way to him losing all that lice. there is none on the other kitties all these months but precaution is better than carelessness.

Megat does not like to eat his Renal 32 at all and sneaks to the kitties food dish whenever he could. He eats half of his own food and then eats some of the Nutro and Avoderm. I read in a cat site that if he eats all these things, the effect of his Renal 32 formula would come to nought. But it also says to give the cat what he wants to eat. I do not quite know what to do but I have ordered some more Renal 32 which will come after CNY. I will have to wait for his second visit to the vet and then would discuss these issues with the doc. He is very healthy now by the way and very very active for a 10 year old!


The amigos were all revolution-ed this morning. This will be the last in the series of 3 tubes that Dr Su recommended for everyone. I expected Megat to be up in arms but he was very docile and sat quietly when I asked him to. He made no fuss about the cold liquid on his neck. I think this is because he is used to me wiping him down with the warm salt water after dinner every day so its the usual thing for him.

Bujang took it in his stride and Toro struggled a little. Next time (if there is a next time) I would get grandma to cuddle him so he would be more relaxed. Ms Akira created a storm and struggled to get away. She quite surprised me with her strength as she is the smallest of the 3. The smallest of the 4 is Megat of course although he is the oldest.

Megat is 10+, Bujang is about 29 months, Ms Akira just tuned 2 last week and Toro will turn 2 on March 1st. :)

Looking for the God of Fortune

Let me help you Bujang...

I can do this myself thank you...

There it is...

There it goes...

Once I brought Bujang home from the park, I thought the other kitties might like a nice breeze. So I opened up all the windows and door so they can see the goings-on. There was not much going on I'm afraid as there are only 2 chinese families living along our row and they had gone out very early in the morning.

Megat went up gingerly to the open door to sniff out the day but he didn't stay there long. Bujang and Ms akira like sitting on the cat -tree by the open window. Bujang got there first but after being badgered by Ms Akira, he gave up and sat on the floor by the door. Ms Akira always gets what she wants when it comes to Bujang :)

CNY adventures

Overview of Bujang's fav park...

This is where I bring Bujang all the time when we go out to the park. This morning I thought it would be nice to bring him here but it got very hot and 2 kids came to say hello to us. The little boy was very curious about his walking paraphenalia and wanted to know if it comes with the cat. The kids are sister and brother and it seems that they like cats. The boy wanted to pet Bujang but I told him not to as Bujang is a very temperamental kitty. He saw Bujang eating grass and before I could stop him, he picked up a small blade of grass and treid to feed Bujang. I think Bujang got fed-up of all the attention and put his paw out. AIYOH! But the boy told me there were no claws and Bujang just tried to stop him.

I decided that it was time to go as the questions were giving me a headache and the boy asked me repeatedly if he could hold the leash even when I had told me that Bujang is very strong. Even Bujang was getting agitated and tried to walk off repeatedly. His sister tried to explain the consequences to him but I guess he was very young and wanted his way. Anyway I told him he could not hold the leash and that he should go home. He wanted to go with us and to push the stroller for me until I reach home. WOAH! I told him that it was not a good idea and his mother might be worried about him and quickly esacaped.

The playground where we had a rest...

We escaped here where it was cooler and there was no one about. I sat on one of the benches and told Bujang he could get out to explore if he wanted.

Bujang relaxing...

Bujang decided that he preferred to stay in his carrier and to just watch the world go by. I read my book about the PERN dragons by Todd MacCaffrey. After about 20 minutes we went home to celebrate CNY our own way.

Little calico

Little calico near the carpark

CNY finds Little Calico basking under the sun near the infamous carpark. She was just sitting by herself and only turned to walk when she saw me and Bujang walking towards the park. I didn't stop to say hello as I know she would come with me and I can't possibly take care of 2 cats with very different temperaments and needs.

The Wild Bunch is behaving very erractically these days. FatBoy comes to my flat in the mornings and I have to walk him back to his own flat before I go to work, after waiting for him to finish his Nutro biscuits. In the evening he comes to look for me too if I am a little late to feed him. Then there would be a screaming match between the two. FatBoy expects me to walk him home all the time these days. I wonder why....

Toto's haircut

After one week...

After one week Toro's haircut does not look so bad but you can still see his poor head - no hair. I told the assistant to leave his head alone. I guess she told the groomer, buff his head too. :(

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese new year thoughts

Who's coming to dinner?

Maybe a quick getaway...

Hmmm...maybe not...

Ms Akira was busy looking out the window (supervised of course) to see if anyone was coming for reunion dinner at our house :) She heard quite a few footsteps coming and going and was very curious as to the happenings for the day. However, the only visitors we had today was my sister with my nephews and niece bringing currypuff :) The boys played with the amigos all day. Even Megat decided that they were not out to get him and he showed an interst in playing.

I think the most exciting thing that happened to my very young nephew H was that Ms Akira decided to get out from under her blanket and actually sniffed at his fingers. He was so excited about this that he ran to his mother and told her the whole story. :) When they were leaving, Ms Akira actually extended her little paw to my little nephew from her cat tree perch and she did not flinch or take it away when he touched it. :) She is of course busy being the Little Ms but my nephew was very delighted and it made his visit I'm sure. This was the first time Ms Akira actually got out from under her blanket and allowed him to sit with her for an extended time. :)) So I guess it was a new beginning for the both of them.

Grandma loves me...

Grandma comforting Toro...



When I brought Toro home from the groomers, Grandma exclaimed that he did not look good in his buff haircut. Of course grandma did not want me to cut his fur at all. She prefers him looking long and shaggy but she knew that it was wiser to let him have his hair cut close.

After Toro had inspected every inch of the house making sure that nothing was missing in his absence, he decided to climb onto grandma's lap for comfort. Grandma patted him gently and he fell asleep right away. He must have been very tired at the groomers as it look longer than usual.It usually takes me 3 hours, even if he is the only one in the shop. I do not know how long a full grooming should take though as I have only been to this one groomer. It seems that 3 hours is the average and this time he had close to 5 hours. No wonder he was grumpy and decided to tell the groomer that enough was enough.

He looked very peaceful sleeping on her lap and did not complain to her at all. :)

Buff shave

Toro waitig for the cabbie...

We waited for the cabbie downstairs last Saturday when Toro had the groomer's appointment. He was very anxious as he hardly ever sits in his carrier- only to the doc's which is once a year and the groomer's every 3 months. But the cabbie came finally and he was rather anxious. I asked him the reason and he said he was afraid of cats and he hoped that I would not let my cat out.

I was very surprised, not to mention peeved as I had called the cab company and I told them that I had a cat in a carrier! It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him that I had made this very clear and to ask him why he had accepted the booking if he was so afraid. Fortunately I decided to keep all this to myself as my cat was anxious enough without me quarrelling with the cabbie :)

Toro calmed down considerably as I decided to talk to him instead of to the cabbie and he spent the 10 minutes looking at the view :))

The look that I wanted for Totoro...

I wanted the groomer to shave him as closely as this picture. He had this nice smooth shave on his last appointment and I was very pleased with how neatly the groomer had done it- much better than all his previous shaves. The groomer had followed my instructions closely. Toro had had quite an uneventful time then. I should have asked her for her name.

The unshaven look that I got...

However, the look that I got after 5 hours was this. He had quite an uneven cut and the groomer had also shaven the back of his head. AIYOH! Toro did not like one of the girls who was drying his fur and he took a swipe at her. Worse and worse! She got a nasty welt across her cheek. I was wondering why Toro was so angry as he is usually very docile and good-natured for his appointments all the time. I think she was talking to the other groomer about cheap vcds and did not look where she kept her fingers or she might have pulled at his fur where he did not like it. I was outside the place and could see some of what was happening from the window.

It was also very busy at the groomers as it was a saturday appointment and dog owners came and went. I decided not to prolong his experience and took him home as soon as he was dry enough. I could possibly look for another groomer or bring him there on weekdays.

It is easier to look for another groomer maybe except that where I live all the other pet groomers will do dogs only. :(

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ouch rashes....

Waiting for the coast to be clear...

In this pic, Toro was waiting for the coat to be clear before he ventures out along the corridor. He is not as gung -ho as Bujang in these outside ventures. :)

I have not been blogging for some time but I have been getting horid rashes on on my arms and they're very itchy. Grandma says its because Megat sits on me all the time and I always have to keep him from falling off. It is true that I have to use my arms to staedy him while he sleeps and naps on me :) Maybe that is why I keep having the rashes but I have no heart to stop him from sleeping on me.

I was thinking about it and the last time I had these horrid rashes was when toro first came to live with us. he had all fur mites etc too.

I realised yesterday that I had stopped wiping megat down with the warm salt water and had used only pet wipes to clean him. Maybe this is why I have rashes. I realise that after he sits on me, i would get red spots on my chest too. So I guess I have to go back to cleaning him every day with warm salt water. My anti histimines zytec are not working anymore. maybe its time I get a stronger one :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I, Shaolin Megat aka Megat Hitam


Megat contemplating the wisdom of trying to get the lure...

Got it!

It was too hot to bring Bujang to the park today eventhough I got off work early. I came home and rested for abit before going to feed the Wild Bunch. At about 9 pm Bujang was yelling so I took out their favourite toy Da Bird and played with them for about one hour. I had to put Megat in the cage as it would be just him monopolising the game otherwise. after the kitties got tired, I let megat out and he got to jump and wrestle with the lure. None of the others joined him in the game as he would simply try to scare them into giving up the lure.

Grandma keeps saying he is a very bold cat for one who has just escaped the carpark :)

Here's the smell of that black cat still...

Don't touch me please!

I can hear you! Don't come any nearer!

Hmm... evidence!

Ms Akira was not pleased that I had spent time with Megat for the better part of the afternoon. She came up to me and told me so loudly. Then she sat near me to see what I would do about her complaints. i think she has a point as Megat had tried to corner her with his harrassment tactics, which is simply to try to run all the kitties into a corner. But Ms Akira had turned around and snarled at him and had kept her ground. She did run up the tall cat tree to escape him but only as a last resort.

I had to put him back in his cage as he is becoming quite a bully now although it is now just running after the kitties. Before it was kung fu tactics. I wonder what he would come up with next.

Do you see what I see?

Bujang and the Animal Planet explorer trying to see the future...

Animal Planet was showing a documentary on tigers and I thought it was quite appropriate that Bujang seemed interested to know all about this Big Cat. But as I clicked the shutter, Bujang decided to try to see what was outside the window, just as the explorer was trying to see some tigers in the jungle. I don't remember if the explorer saw the tiger but my big cat Bujang saw something, as his tail and ears were twitching the whole time :)

While I was sleeping

Even when I am asleep san, I KNOW you're taking my pic!

While I was sleeping, some anonymous person came to my blog titled Rainy Tuesdays and left a message. It was not a vulgar message but I guess its the bane of bloggers the world over. Someone left several links where I and some others (I suppose) can go to buy everything under the sun. My post had become a portal to some shopper's paradise. The thing is, this particular post was the one I had written in August of 2006. It was a good thing that I had the presence of mind to set my settings straight and so I was alerted to this insidious action.

I suppose I can set my comments setting to one that would not allow anonymous comments but after some thought, I decided that I would just reset my privacy settings to include comments moderation alerts :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Catnip mouse

What's with this cat?


Woah! Catnip overdose...

What just happened to me?

The much-mauled catnip mouse

I went to the pet store on Sunady to stock up on cat food for the CNY holidays. I have a fear that my cats would have no food as shops would close for two or three days and I have been running out of cat food. I got the usual fussiecat and Natural Balance canned food for the kitties. Nowadays, only Bujang still eats the NB. Toro is now refsuing to eat the NB. I don't know why and so I have resumed giving him his fussiecat. Only Megat is still going strong but he would only eat his softened biscuits with some NB.

I bought megat 3 catnip mice so that he would play by himself even when I am in the house. It was quite a success as he tore down the house running and throwing his mouse in the air and once he even carried it in his mouth. Unfortunatley after THAT one time, he has yet to repeat this mouse-in-mouth performance. I had ideas of teaching him to play 'fetch' :)) I was glad he enjoyed himself and he even ate some catnip which threw him into a daze :)

The other kitties looked at the mice with great disdain and ignored them and him. I guess they think they're too old for catnip mice. :)

As the world turns...

Bujang eating grass in the strangely empty square...

Tick! tick!tick!


Who has been walking in this here place?

Up again...

This place is strangely familiar....

The park was strangely quiet without the usual riot of kids playing football. It was rather nice but even Bujang felt it. This park would usually be quite noisy with kids running about but I guess the police crackdown on kids and noise pollution was effective. I do not know what has come over my cat Bujang but today, he made many new decisions of where he would walk and how he would do it. I was only glad he made different choices as it made walking him much more interesting. Usually I would just have to watch him smell the ixora and eat grass :)

What do I do next? road....old road...ixora..bougainvilla....

Bujang sat for a while and contemplated his moves or maybe he was just idling away his afternoon, enjoying the warm sun.

New paths

Bujang taking a new road in his rambles of his own choosing

Meditations on a bougainvilla...

An uphill trek...

New pastures...

Looking back on new footsteps...

Bujang then made the unprecedented move of a different turn to go on a new journey. He may be tired of ixora for all I know or he may think that it was time for an adventure. he made the choice to go uphill by himself. i am quite glad he had decided that it was time to see what the park has to offer him after these years. But I was not able to allow him a lot of time to explore as I was worried someone would wheel away my carrier as I had parked it well away from this place. Maybe the next time, I will wheel him here instead.