Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Tweet

Tanaka: He said he's been observing and wants to get closer to Popps and initiates play (he knows he must be careful, though). I told him Akira also has similar idea. He said he would be bored otherwise. But he was calm and relaxed while talking. He said he remembered too, that he's a good boy, so he wouldnt do anything to worry you. He said or else, he would just sit with you. :))

Tanaka has been watching Popps play in her red cube and with her purple toy mouse. He had tried to initiate play with her but she would growl him a warning. Akira has also been very watchful

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Mood


Poppy: She is very happy and has no complaints. She feels much younger now and is ready to enjoy being a house cat. Her heart is light and she is open for everything. She is settled. 

It is good to know finally what Popps has decided. We are happy she has decided to be open to possibility. Now maybe it will be easier for her to accept offers of friendship. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

We have come to the end of June but the beginning of the hot month. June is when it's good to be at the beach but maybe too hot to be there but san thought if we were at the beach, we would be doing any number of these things. Akira would just be lazing about with her  favourite toy, minding her own business and Popps would be up and about rolling about with her beach ball ( she already tumbles about in her red cube here chasing either one of us or the beans). Bujang would just be hiding out in one of the huts sleeping the day away and Tanaka would be in the water surfing. San would be the one throwing him the life  buoy though. He would just have rushed to the water. 

Today also marks the last Sunday to san's school break. She should have gotten a whole month but she spent 2 weeks of it at a workshop, cleaning her desk of clutter and trying to complete some work for the school. Then she had 2 days teaching some bits of Julius Caesar to her class and the last week down with asthma! She didn't have a good holiday at all. 

We think the brightest thing she had and still has is US! We gave her a lot of attention by playing with her and also exercise by making her open countless cans of food for us. Bujang sang her many loud lullabies and Tanaka made sure that she is up on her scritching skills. Akira made sure she has 'quiet time' and Popps made doubly sure that her running skills are as close to perfection as she can make them. So we guess she has many things to be grateful for about us. We certainly had many things to be grateful for about her as well. We certainly had her to thank for the improved situation with our kidneys.
We thought we will close our post with our friend Jeffrey. He is still at his home-stay but the one -week trial period is coming to an end next Thursday. We fervently purray that he will be able to stay with the family and Halley the woofie-cat. But we know he is trying his best to get used to the new situation as well. We hope that finally he has found his forever-home with this family who seems to enjoy his calm steadiness and appreciates his independence. Now if only woofie-cat Halley the fetch-playing marvel will be less 'nosy' as Jeffery puts it. We are also thankful that our friend Fern is helping out Jeffery to adjust to this situation as best he could as well. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jeffrey's Home Trial

This is one of the pictures that I had posted on FB for Jeffrey using Pic Collage. I was told by a fosterer with a very good rate of cat adoptions that the cuter the picture the better the chances of a cat getting adopted. But if cos since this was my first one, it was not very cute. Simply informative. 
This is my all time favorite picture of Jeff. 

However the good news is Jeffrey is on a one-week home trial with a very nice couple and their 2 year old tabby Halley. They said he was a sweet - kitty, if only he didn't yell at their front door at 2am until dawn. It seemed he had a lot of stamina and would meow non-stop. Oh dear! But now that they're armed with his stuff lion, Feliway, a bottle of Stress Buster and a new type of litter (he has the sniffles and I suspect it's the clay litter that they were using), I hope he would meow less. But there is no guarantee. 

On the upside, their kitty Halley seemed to like Jeffrey and this may tip the balance in his favor.  But I still don't know. They may decide that Jeff is not for their family still. 

         The very gorgeous Halley
       who can play 'fetch' like a woofie
     Jeffrey's and Halley's first meeting 

Friday, June 26, 2015


Today is TGIF and so we are just resting and hanging out. This as you can see is my favorite den. No one else sits here. Well sometimes Bujang sits here when he needs to hide from San. But other than that I am the only one. The two gurls don't like it much. 
   I can hide from Bossy Boots as well. 
San arranges the 2 hiding places like this so Bossy Boots thinks she is all by herself. If not she would scream and try to beat me up!
      He needs a lesson in respect!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tanaka on Thursday

                                           San and me at acupuncture

I told san that it was time to post about another kitty, namely me, as she had posted about Popps 3 times in a row. So san thought and I agree that it would be good to post about our acupuncture session together. This week, san was at my acupuncture session and the doctor realized that she was coughing badly and that she had asthma. He offered to help her wif that. At first san was uncertain but she saw that I was furry calm always at my sessions and decided to try. 

So the doctor put in just 2 needles fur her. I on the offur hand had about many millions! The first one, closest to her hand was fur her lungs and the other one, which was the length of 3 of her fingers, further from her hand was fur her chest. The doctor said these 2 would help her to breathe better and help expand her lungs and chest so she could take in more oxygen. Indeed after about 10 minutes or so, san felt that it was easier to breathe and her chest felt less constricted. She was furry glad she was as brave as I was and told me that I was a furry good role model fur her. 
Although I was glad to be a good example, I felt that I had done my duty at the doctor's office and when I came home I had a nice nap. I fink I had earned it. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

     Popps at acupuncture this morning
She was calm and listened to the Compassionate Mantra from YouTube. Of course her little lion kept her comfortable. 
    She tolerated all those wires well. 

Popps is now doing acupuncture for thee kidneys and liver. Since I have good results from Tanaka and Bujang, I thought it's time Popps goes as well. She is there for her liver and kidneys.

We both had a quiet time listening to the mantra. It kept us both calm. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just Because

    Miss Bossy Boots asleep after TCM

I asked Fern to tell her to drink more water so she would not be so dehydrated. Her saucy reply is below;

Oh i asked her to drink more water, she said "wait until it tastes better" 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Mood

I don't really need the TCM. I can heal myself San... really.....

I have to give the TCM to Popps by hand, just like we give it to Tanaka and Akira. I tried putting it in her raw chicken but she refused to eat food. She takes to the medicine quite readily after the few initial misadventures. Of cos she is also very strong and would suddenly try to make a break for it. All in all I am still surprised she would even sit still long enough to take the meds but grateful that she is. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A day of Prayer

Today is supposed to be Easy Peasy for us but we thought it good to say a prayer for the dogs and cats in China today as it is China's Yulin or Dog Meat Festival. Here some people would be eating dogs and cats in China. Our friend Fern has given us a special prayer for today and we will post it here.  

Let's Pray > >May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all animals, and all of you who are suffering today in tiny cages or crowded into feedlots, being beaten, tortured, starved, fed poisoned and unnatural food, and for those of you languishing without water or food on trucks or entering the slaughterhouses. We bear witness to your suffering, we take action to permanently end it, and we continually send out an energy field of love and compassion to comfort you and to transform the hearts and souls of those who support this violent oppression. We send our tears and our prayers on wings of love to you. Divine Love is all around you. Compassion encircles the earth for each of you and for all beings. (Modified from Circle of Compassion)

We are taking some time to thank our friends who have been with us and also for san and grandma. It is in times like this that we give thanks for all our loved ones. As it is also the month of Ramadan we know all of the cats and dogs will be looked after by a bigger circle of love and compassion. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Easy

We are just chillaxing today as we had all done very well at the vet's. San spent her day shopping as she had not done that for a long time. Then in the evening we would be breaking fast together. We woke up at 4.30 this morning, actually 4.40 as san's alarm clock did not ring. Thank goodness Bujang woke her up and so we had our pre-dawn breakfast then.  Later San said she would read her novel that she bought at Kinokuniya, the day that Gundam came to Singapore. She has not touched any of her books from then on. 

San is finally getting a break and she has one more week to catch up on chillaxing. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

TGIF and other things

    Fank Goodness my kidneys are better

Tanaka's values for his kidneys had gone down a lot in the last 3 months that he had acupuncture and TCM. His CRE is 2.2 from 2.6. I am greatly relieved. He has some gingivitis still on his back teeth but the vet said it was  not yet a cause for concern. 

    Popps at acupuncture yesterday 
Popps was surprisingly calm at acupuncture yesterday. She took to the needles like a trooper and after the initial curiosity and flight reaction, she settled down very well. Her liver values have gone down considerably from 364 to 142 but her kidney  values have gone up 1 from 2.4 to 2.5. I decided that it was time to send her to acupuncture as well. 

So Dr Oh is giving her 2 separate meds so she will not taste the nastiness of a combined formula since I have to put it in her raw minced chicken breast. She ate both easily.

So my hope is by the end of the year all of them would have better kidneys and liver functions. YAAY!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz Loudly

    Leave me alone. I deserve some rest. 

Bujang went to the vet today for his half-yearly blood test and nail clipping. At nail clipping time he yelled and screamed very loudly. Thank goodness he was the only cat in the clinic. They tried to wrap him gently with the towel and this time they did not put any pressure on his back. But still he yelled. The vet managed all 10 toes with one mishap as he was struggling so hard. 

The good news is his CRE is down to 1.6 from 2.4. Yaaaaay!!! Dr Oh, the acupuncturist and TCM doc helped him tremendously and he was very pleased when I showed him the results. Everyone at the TCM clinic was smiling. As it was not advisable to stop all TCM and acupuncture, he would now go once a fortnight from now on. Dr Oh said that frequency would be ok. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just Because

Into the jaws of a crocodile - I am not afraid.

Bujang is hiding out because its his turn go to the vet for a blood test. But we have to bring a community cat instead so he got a reprieve. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Mood

    Contemplation with bow tie and Lion - 2 things a Mancat should never be without. 

Yesterday's adoption drive organised by Cat Wu was quiet, probably because it rained earlier that day or there was also another adoption drive at I12 Katong. Jeffrey was his own cat and affectionate with visitors although many were there to adopt kittens. He wore his bow tie without fuss as I was advised by other adopters it would be better to have Jeffrey wear something brighter to catch the eye of an adopter who has many cats to choose from. I noticed from before that many cages had colourful mats on them to differentiate one cat from another. The boarder Joanna gave him the tie so he would look spiffy and I got him his red mat (which is a pillow case) and a toy that he can sleep on if he gets tired.
He also had had a bath and a good brushing which made his fur shiny and soft.

We didn't have any queries for him although everyone who saw him thought him to be a really handsome kitty :) He is getting used to these drives as he no longer pants or meows. Rather he has become quite curious about his surroundings and when bored, he takes a nap.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

We are thankful that we are safe and have a home. Ok so I did try to beat up my sister Akira last week and I did try to stare down Bujang and did growl at my brother Tanaka. Still I am grateful that I have them and I know they are grateful that they have me. 
No she is telling tales. Not about the fact that she tried to beat is all up though, just the part that we are grateful to have hur!
My only regret is that Tanaka is so 'busy'. I wish he would stay still more but I know he is still 'young.
I want all of you to leave me alone to rest. No more shenanigans Tanaka and Popps. 
San put this up on FB for me. Today I am going to the MaoMao Cat Asoption Drive. Please purr for me everyone. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Easy

Yes. This morning I will just sit here, easy, as no one likes this as much as me.
I can sit here and keep an eye out for Popps. She is furry naughty and scares me effuryday wif her shenanigans.
           I am Big Boss!

Btw please keep your purrayers fur Jeffrey as he had adoption events today and tomorrow. 

Friday, June 12, 2015


Although it's TGIF day I am in the computer room as Akira wanted to be outside. But I don't mind too much. HAPPY WEEKEND everyone. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

    No I am not fat please...I am beautifully full-bodied!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Just Because

          Super kitty in action

Monday, June 08, 2015

Monday Mood

              Peace and Quiet

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Jeffrey on Sunday

   Jeffrey napping at the adoption event 
And napping some more no matter how noisy the crowd was. 

Today Jeffrey had  another adoption event. Thank goodness it was indoors. His cage was next to some kittens so he had no need to 'work' so he took many naps. He was calm and took everything in his stride. He had one enquiry from a woman with 2 bunnies. As he is a calm cat who minds his own business maybe this can work out. But as usual we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best. 

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday Easy

           Bossy Boots on my bed. 

I am feeling pretty easy as I can sit on san's bed if Bujang is on grandma's bed. The thing is to persuade my brother Tanaka that he should give it up. That is pretty easy. 

Friday, June 05, 2015


San has been out for courses this week so she was not about to help us post. Thank goodness today she does not have to go on course but she does have to go to school to teach some small human beans. So it is left to me to wish everyone a good Friday and weekend. I will spend it sitting on San as usual. 

But San told me that she went out yesterday to lunch and was very glad to chance upon the GUNDAM exhibition. It was very exciting although she was not so mad as to buy the models home. The small scale models were very intricate and beautiful but she thinks she would not have the patience to piece the whole thing together. Also I think Tanaka would insist on helping her out and THAT would be disaster.

A giant model outside Takashimaya, the Japanese shopping centre in town.

      The actual size of the model

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Tanaka Thursday

   Wait a minute. I need to look what's out there first San. 
    Ok. The coast is clear. Let's go!
             This is my bicycle. 
San finally took me out walking downstairs. I spent almost an hour inside the carrier as I was a little anxious. But later I had a fine time outside. It was a wonderful Wednesday morning.