Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tanaka on Thursday

                                           San and me at acupuncture

I told san that it was time to post about another kitty, namely me, as she had posted about Popps 3 times in a row. So san thought and I agree that it would be good to post about our acupuncture session together. This week, san was at my acupuncture session and the doctor realized that she was coughing badly and that she had asthma. He offered to help her wif that. At first san was uncertain but she saw that I was furry calm always at my sessions and decided to try. 

So the doctor put in just 2 needles fur her. I on the offur hand had about many millions! The first one, closest to her hand was fur her lungs and the other one, which was the length of 3 of her fingers, further from her hand was fur her chest. The doctor said these 2 would help her to breathe better and help expand her lungs and chest so she could take in more oxygen. Indeed after about 10 minutes or so, san felt that it was easier to breathe and her chest felt less constricted. She was furry glad she was as brave as I was and told me that I was a furry good role model fur her. 
Although I was glad to be a good example, I felt that I had done my duty at the doctor's office and when I came home I had a nice nap. I fink I had earned it. 


Eileen and Jessica said...

Tanaka, I bet you were a good role model for San showing how to take the treatments. We hope you both feel better soon. From Jessica

Kari said...

We kitties are very proud of San. But, of course, you helped her to be relaxed and unafraid, Tanaka. Did you give her a treat for being such a good patient?

Katie Isabella said...

I would LOVE for Katie to have acupuncture. Me too.