Sunday, June 28, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

We have come to the end of June but the beginning of the hot month. June is when it's good to be at the beach but maybe too hot to be there but san thought if we were at the beach, we would be doing any number of these things. Akira would just be lazing about with her  favourite toy, minding her own business and Popps would be up and about rolling about with her beach ball ( she already tumbles about in her red cube here chasing either one of us or the beans). Bujang would just be hiding out in one of the huts sleeping the day away and Tanaka would be in the water surfing. San would be the one throwing him the life  buoy though. He would just have rushed to the water. 

Today also marks the last Sunday to san's school break. She should have gotten a whole month but she spent 2 weeks of it at a workshop, cleaning her desk of clutter and trying to complete some work for the school. Then she had 2 days teaching some bits of Julius Caesar to her class and the last week down with asthma! She didn't have a good holiday at all. 

We think the brightest thing she had and still has is US! We gave her a lot of attention by playing with her and also exercise by making her open countless cans of food for us. Bujang sang her many loud lullabies and Tanaka made sure that she is up on her scritching skills. Akira made sure she has 'quiet time' and Popps made doubly sure that her running skills are as close to perfection as she can make them. So we guess she has many things to be grateful for about us. We certainly had many things to be grateful for about her as well. We certainly had her to thank for the improved situation with our kidneys.
We thought we will close our post with our friend Jeffrey. He is still at his home-stay but the one -week trial period is coming to an end next Thursday. We fervently purray that he will be able to stay with the family and Halley the woofie-cat. But we know he is trying his best to get used to the new situation as well. We hope that finally he has found his forever-home with this family who seems to enjoy his calm steadiness and appreciates his independence. Now if only woofie-cat Halley the fetch-playing marvel will be less 'nosy' as Jeffery puts it. We are also thankful that our friend Fern is helping out Jeffery to adjust to this situation as best he could as well. 


meowmeowmans said...

We are sorry that San had a less-than-stellar break. Good thing she has you kitties to bring such happiness and light to her life. :)

We are purring and praying super hard for Jeffrey and his possible forever family!

Eileen and Jessica said...

We hope San is feeling better soon! It is too bad she did not have a holiday to enjoy. If I was at the beach, I would be the one lying under a big beach umbrella with a book.
We hope the family will understand their home will not be complete without Jeffrey.
From Jessica

Kari said...

A trip to the beach would certainly be interesting but we kitties know the best place ever is at home with our people that love us.
Our mum wishes she could tell the potential adopters about how we older, relaxed kitties bring a calming presence to the home. To see a serene kitty calms human nerves.