Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Whatcha lookin at then?

Popps was not pleased that Rez decided to sit near her. She stared at him calmly but Rez didn’t like it. 

A close-up of Rez’s face and eyes. He was on  the alert. These two are so funny together. Both were  ex-commcats and I know both were very good fighters. They would not have survived if they were not able to fight back. Popps was bitten by a gang of younger male cats looking for territory and Rez had to fight off an older intact male whom we have yet to catch and sterilise. He is a wild one. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thankful Sunday

We have removed the child gates from the study. This is because Rez now has access to all parts of the house throughout the day like the rest of the kitties. We have allowed him out early for the whole week and apart from some incidents of misplaced enthusiasm, he had done very well. 

He likes to spend the day in my bedroom just chilling out. 

This open window seat is his favourite place. It reminded me of Popps when she was first allowed the whole house. She also spent most of her time in the bedroom. The bedroom is quiet and yet smells of all the cats so she feels part  of the house. 

Rez still sleeps in the kitchen as Popps does not allow him to sleep in the study at night as it ‘belongs to (her)’. Rez still eats in the study behind temporary gates that we remove once breakfast or dinner is over and he gets to walk about the house and play. I hope we don’t have to instal the baby gates again. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vet Check

Rezki sound asleep after his ordeal at the vet this morning. 

We went to get Rez his blood test this morning. He missed his year end test in 2017 as the vet tech was not about then. 

It was surprisingly good and his kidneys seemed to have done really well. His creatinine was 2.1 from 2.7 last June. His BUN was a little higher but still within normal range. The vet was as surprised as myself and we think it’s his diet and his ability to drink more water than the rest. I also spoke about his raw diet of kangaroo, venison and chicken. The vet said the raw diet could also have contributed to this change as well although the previous recommendation was for him to be on a dry renal diet. 

He screamed and yelled at the vet’s when they had to take his blood. Last year they had to sedate him for his test but this year he did not have to be sedated at all. After the vet took his blood he sat down and was quiet as though nothing had happened. 

He is really a Jekyll and Hyde.