Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cat in a box

If there is a box, there will be a cat in it.

When its time for meds, I...

make sure I try to escape...always.

But san puts me in this cage up in the air. I am not brave enough (unlike my bruffer Tanaka) to jump down from it. I am more delicate :) But one of these days I know I will make it. I will jump down and hide far, far away~~~~~
Sometimes I am good and allow san to give me the meds...only sometimes :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little rant

Putih at dinner yesterday is looking thin and a trifle wan, not her usual rotund self. But as she is not unwell nor does she have fever, we decided to leave her alone and allow her some time to recuperate by herself. I suppose we are very lucky here as there are 3 caregivers for this small area although the place where Putih is has become rather crowded. People have been abandoning their cats and these cats go about marauding, like pirates! I do not blame the cats as they really have to fend for themselves and there is only so much space to go around. I really do not know how anyone can look at their cats and then in the next heartbeat, throw them out! Really!

Okay I was wrong. It was really some internal error on Blogger :))

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tanaka's surprise

You mean this entry is NOT about how handsome I am? Really? mean we have to talk about THAT! Okie. Hmmmm....san boughted us somefing last week when she was on a break. This is becuz grandma had been saying that we took up a lot of space and so san decided that we needed to consolidate our purpose wif THIS. Please look in the pikshur below.

Isn't that a purty picksur? But that is not what san boughted fur us. She just pasted this decal on it. Look below......



san boughted a fridge fur us. It is cool and I like sitting on it. san said it is a mini-fridge fur all offur our medicines.No..I dun have any but my bruffers Toro and Megat has lots and lots and they were taking a lot offur space in grandma's cool box. So now grandma is happy and so are we. I dun fink my bruffers are happy as they do not sit on the box and the medicine is so much closer to them..heheh...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Because

Can you see me san? Which one am I?

And now for something more cheery

san said she was furry relieved to know that her community kitty is back. If san had not broughted me home to live wif her, I would have been a community kitty and then may not get to play tunnels wif her stuff :). I am glad that effuryfing is okie here. san said she would blog about us later when she has a bit more time. She started school again and so she is furry tired of more papers to grade! Poor san. Good fur me I am a cat and dun have to go to school.

Lost Community Cat_now found

We could not find Putih for 4 days already. At first we were not worried as she had sometimes gone missing for 2 days on end and not appeared for dinner but this time she has gone missing for 4 days! Some children told us there was a newly abandoned and very fierce kitty in the school (her homeground) and so she may have left because of this. Cousin R and I and 2 other cat caregivers had gone round the estate looking for her to no avail. But just like our previously 'lost' cat Grey, she may come back later. At least this is what we hope for. Cats sometimes travel to other places for safety although she must have been stressed out to have gone away from her usual haunts and miss dinner unless some other caregiver is looking after her now. All our other cats are not 'lost' and so we don't think its the AVA or TC or pest control especially after the increased interst in animal welfare (Chong Pang) after the GE.

I have placed a notice in the CWS site using these two pics just now now and so I hope someone would have news of her.

We are glad to report that after 4 long days, Putih showed up this morning. We got the news from M, one of the caregivers who feed her. M said she was not eating much and when Cousin R fed her at dinner, she had very little appetite for food, just nibbling. Cousin R said Putih was not sick, just a little thin and rather dirty but she ran off into the school right after her few bites of food (So she could not have been too scared of the new cat). We will know more tomorrow. We now suspect that she may have been relocated by someone in mischief. This had happened before to one of our cats (from news that we gathered from the neighbours). This is because it is unthinkable that a cat like Putih would disappear for many days and she knows the territory. She must have travelled far to get back! We are just glad she is home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Standing guard at home

Yes I have to make sure that effuryone is safe from harm. Its my duty!
Grandma and the kitties napping on a hot Tuesday. I even had to switch on the air-con for Ms Akira in her princess room. I know we would not be doing the environment any favours in in the hot months to come!

Sitting Pretty

Well, what else is there to do san?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh no...Monday

Thank goodness I don't have to go to work!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some thoughts on change...

This was his picture June 2009, when I decided to set up his lymphoma blog

I am thinking of making some adjustments to his meds. His kidney and liver are healthy and his lymphoma is in remission. I was thinking that he need not take so much medication anymore- every day 5 days a week. I thought I might give him his suppository (which he hates) 4 times a week plus his sang hwang liquid extract. These are the necessary meds to help him be clear of his lymphoma. Of cos his meds for his respiratory condition will be given on the same days. He would get more rest days. 4 out of 7 days for meds is not too drastic. I am at present giving him 5 days of meds with 4 days of suppository.

I am still thinking about this though. I might not go though with it as in my heart of hearts I am a scaredy-cat and am afraid that with fewer days, his lymphoma might come back!

PS: I have decided to take the plunge and will begin this week. I think it best to do this for about 2 weeks to see how he reacts to it and take it from there.
(note entered 21/6)

GoodNight Sunday



I helped grandma to see if we need to go to the markets to buy more onions and maybe potatoes..
I helped san to do her work at the computer. She was furry grateful when I showed her how well I could type with my feets. She told me I "have a great talent."
I even helped to see if the house was clean. My cat eyes can see so much better than a human bean's eyes. I was furry glad to be so helpful :)

Just Because

Easy Peasy Sunday

our favourite kind.

Sunday Surprise!

Guess WHO I am?

It's me!

Were you surprised?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Night Saturday

from all offur us :)

Silly Saturday

Toro enjoying himself playing with his new toy
He had some time to himself as the amigos had decided that ever one of them would get some time with it but Tanaka had the lion's usual.

The most hardworking cat of all...

Cake taking care of the till...
Cake teaching customers the fine art of cat-napping...
Cake taking a rest after hours of modelling for the customers...

I went with a friend to a bookstore at Tiong Bahru called Ode to Penguin and saw this most hardworking cat. She was sitting on a pile of books, quite nonchalant and did not blink an eye at anyone. She even posed for photographs but got no treats as it was not wise to eat and drink in a bookstore.She was the most interesting character in the shop.

The bookstore sold all things Penguin and is a very inetersting browse. The even had a stationery section where they sell old things and "antiques." We had a nice time.

My Cat Totoro

We have moved Toro's information from the sidebar to his own blog My Cat Totoro as this would make tracking much easier. If you are following our fight with his kidney disease, then it is best to go directly to that blog, when we update it. I am making a slight change to his medication and am giving him Urinary Relief from Only Natural Pet. It has lysimachia, a herb, which has proven to be effective with some cats with UTI and kidney problems. I have also taken him off the Kidney Activator (thanks D) but his other meds - Azodyl, Fortekor and Alutab will still be given. However this will be a long drawn affair as we will be taking it for 8 weeks as he has chronic renal failure (crf). As it will take 8 weeks for the first round of pills, the blog will not be updated so soon :)

I had actually bought shilintong capsules (Jian Qiao Cao) from the TCM halls in Chinatown but the herbs of course come from China. Shilingtong is lysimachia. But I have some reservation with using that as such a lot of uncertainty goes on there with herbs and pet food. A kind reader had drawn my attention to shilingtong after talking about it with some caregivers here and as it had proven successful with the few cats, we thought it would be the next course to take especially with cats with crystals. I had also read about it in this TCM blog.

Of course we will still blog our everyday adventures (such as they are) here always.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Because

Friday Surprise

Bujang quite like Minah I think. He was not stressed out when she comes close or when she meows at him.
Although alert, he was still quite relaxed. he saw Minah investigating his carrier but he just sat and watched her shenanignas:)
Minah: Hmmm..what is inside...hmmm
Minah...there are many things to smell...many cats...
I think the only time he expressed impatience was when Minah refused to let us go. She ran after us and stopped us so she could have the last word...meow!meow!meowmoewmeow...But Bujang could not take it any more and said WAROR!

It gave Minah a sudden shock nd she ran off to hide behind a column! I wonder what she thinks of him now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ms Akira's verdict...

Ms Akira was quite interested in the new toy...she pawed at it and twisted and turned and then she decided ...

that she needed to expand all her energy...:)
Verdict: It was quite exciting san. I would like to play with it again...soon.


Stranger: Your cat is beautiful
san: Thank you
Stranger: How much?
san: Eh?
Stranger: You buy? How much? $1000.00!
san: He's adopted. Someone gave him up.
Stranger: Ohhhhh....(said something in Chinese and walked off)
Toro: What she say eh? Where is she?
Toro after his grooming session. The fur is just under 1/2 inch. The groomer took 1.5 hours to do it. Toro:Yesh..I deserve some love...more please...
Toro: Did I say stop?
Yes, he is fat under the coat. But once he came home, he lay on the floor and rested. He looked cool which was nice as the days are getting hotter!

Undercover Mouse Uncovered

The amigos were all united when playing their new game -Undercover Mouse. I bought this toy this afternoon after Toro had his haircut. I thought he deserved some joy and the game looked quite energetic (judging from the cat model that ran around it).

Megat enjoyed it quite alot. He actually sat on the bed and watched the other 3 play the game for some time before taking part in it. I guess he had to plan his moves first. But then Megat simply loves batting things about and playing catch with Bujang. He loves fishing games as well. Actually he is game to play just about anything!

But if you want a kitty who can hack a game in under 10 minutes flat (and sometimes even sooner) there is no one like Tanaka. He figured that if he slept on the mouse, he would catch it at his leisure :) Toro lost all interest after the first 5 minutes and even here, he was more an observer than anything else.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Because

I am a cat who looks good in red and happy to be out on Tuesday morning :)

Tuesday Thots

I was furry sleepy and decided to hang out behind grandma. I know that no one would disturb me here...
It was furry restful and I sat fur a long time dreaming...
Then san came home from shopping and we played "How much would I cost " if san boughted me at the shop. san said I am priceless. I fink that means I would cost a lot of treats! That's good!