Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost Community Cat_now found

We could not find Putih for 4 days already. At first we were not worried as she had sometimes gone missing for 2 days on end and not appeared for dinner but this time she has gone missing for 4 days! Some children told us there was a newly abandoned and very fierce kitty in the school (her homeground) and so she may have left because of this. Cousin R and I and 2 other cat caregivers had gone round the estate looking for her to no avail. But just like our previously 'lost' cat Grey, she may come back later. At least this is what we hope for. Cats sometimes travel to other places for safety although she must have been stressed out to have gone away from her usual haunts and miss dinner unless some other caregiver is looking after her now. All our other cats are not 'lost' and so we don't think its the AVA or TC or pest control especially after the increased interst in animal welfare (Chong Pang) after the GE.

I have placed a notice in the CWS site using these two pics just now now and so I hope someone would have news of her.

We are glad to report that after 4 long days, Putih showed up this morning. We got the news from M, one of the caregivers who feed her. M said she was not eating much and when Cousin R fed her at dinner, she had very little appetite for food, just nibbling. Cousin R said Putih was not sick, just a little thin and rather dirty but she ran off into the school right after her few bites of food (So she could not have been too scared of the new cat). We will know more tomorrow. We now suspect that she may have been relocated by someone in mischief. This had happened before to one of our cats (from news that we gathered from the neighbours). This is because it is unthinkable that a cat like Putih would disappear for many days and she knows the territory. She must have travelled far to get back! We are just glad she is home.

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