Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Undercover Mouse Uncovered

The amigos were all united when playing their new game -Undercover Mouse. I bought this toy this afternoon after Toro had his haircut. I thought he deserved some joy and the game looked quite energetic (judging from the cat model that ran around it).

Megat enjoyed it quite alot. He actually sat on the bed and watched the other 3 play the game for some time before taking part in it. I guess he had to plan his moves first. But then Megat simply loves batting things about and playing catch with Bujang. He loves fishing games as well. Actually he is game to play just about anything!

But if you want a kitty who can hack a game in under 10 minutes flat (and sometimes even sooner) there is no one like Tanaka. He figured that if he slept on the mouse, he would catch it at his leisure :) Toro lost all interest after the first 5 minutes and even here, he was more an observer than anything else.

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