Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Surprise

Bujang quite like Minah I think. He was not stressed out when she comes close or when she meows at him.
Although alert, he was still quite relaxed. he saw Minah investigating his carrier but he just sat and watched her shenanignas:)
Minah: Hmmm..what is inside...hmmm
Minah...there are many things to smell...many cats...
I think the only time he expressed impatience was when Minah refused to let us go. She ran after us and stopped us so she could have the last word...meow!meow!meowmoewmeow...But Bujang could not take it any more and said WAROR!

It gave Minah a sudden shock nd she ran off to hide behind a column! I wonder what she thinks of him now.

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mylittlebuddies said...

Was that your toy in the carrier, Bujang? Minah must be wanting that! She never had one!