Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Cat Totoro

We have moved Toro's information from the sidebar to his own blog My Cat Totoro as this would make tracking much easier. If you are following our fight with his kidney disease, then it is best to go directly to that blog, when we update it. I am making a slight change to his medication and am giving him Urinary Relief from Only Natural Pet. It has lysimachia, a herb, which has proven to be effective with some cats with UTI and kidney problems. I have also taken him off the Kidney Activator (thanks D) but his other meds - Azodyl, Fortekor and Alutab will still be given. However this will be a long drawn affair as we will be taking it for 8 weeks as he has chronic renal failure (crf). As it will take 8 weeks for the first round of pills, the blog will not be updated so soon :)

I had actually bought shilintong capsules (Jian Qiao Cao) from the TCM halls in Chinatown but the herbs of course come from China. Shilingtong is lysimachia. But I have some reservation with using that as such a lot of uncertainty goes on there with herbs and pet food. A kind reader had drawn my attention to shilingtong after talking about it with some caregivers here and as it had proven successful with the few cats, we thought it would be the next course to take especially with cats with crystals. I had also read about it in this TCM blog.

Of course we will still blog our everyday adventures (such as they are) here always.

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