Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This is a miracle cat!

Megat waiting for Dr L to see him.

He waited for some time as Dr L had an emergency. But Megat was used to waiting and sat quietly. He did not even attempt to get ut of the carrier. I read to him from my book Angelology but he was more interested in the room :) Megat at home waiting to be given his meds for his lymphoma (now in remission), his kidney issues and his asthma. He is used to this and he has been eating the meds intensely for about 2.5 years. It was only after he was in remission that I actually decided to change the number of times he takes the suppository.

Megat's meds.

He eats this combination 5 days a week with Saturdays and Sundays off after his remission. So we are now on maintenance doses.

from arvc he has:

1. 2 ml of collidal silver (the dark bottle)

2. 0.8 ml of sang hwang liquid extract 6.5L (the bottle with the gold label)

3. 1 sang hwang suppository (in silver foil)

The syringe on the bottom right is 1 and 2 combined with mashed and sieved papaya pulp. If not, he would not swallow it at all. No 3 is given in his butt before the rest of the concoction as it needs about 30 minutes to melt. If not he would run to the litter and pop it out again. This is the most expensive combination in this arsenal. The sang hwang is a linzgi/mushroom that directly deals with the immune system and lymphoma. I give him the suppository 4 times a week. he gets 2 rest days from all of his meds. When he gets his Sub Q every Monday, he does not get his suppository or he would be very unhappy and would spew out all the rest of the meds.

4. Nature's Sunshine FOUR for asthma

The 3 bottles on the top left are supplements from Petsalive, the same as Toro's -

5. Immunity and Liver Support,

6. Kidney Support

7. Runipoo Relief.

8. Amaze Pet for his asthma. ( not in picture)

His blood test that Dr L ordered as I told him Megat was not eating as much as he used to. Dr L said "But he is FAT!". Dr L said it could also be a liver or kidney problem but as we can all see, his liver and kidneys are just as right as rain :) His PCV is 36%!

Megat slept quite early last night as he was rather tired from his vet visit. "He is a miracle cat," was the final verdict. Dr L also said that unlike in humans, the lymphoma in cats is due to a virus. But they have no for lymphoma yet. However, he added that once a cat has remission from lymphoma for about 2 years, there is a likelihood that a cat may die from old age or other diseases and not from lymphoma itself. "I'll see you in 4 months" Dr L sang out and he went to see another patient!

All is well in our household. We hope that all is well in other cat households also :)

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Anonymous said...

Impressive blood results!! Keep staying well Megat, you are truly a miracle cat. San has done a great job too.