Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Stranger: Your cat is beautiful
san: Thank you
Stranger: How much?
san: Eh?
Stranger: You buy? How much? $1000.00!
san: He's adopted. Someone gave him up.
Stranger: Ohhhhh....(said something in Chinese and walked off)
Toro: What she say eh? Where is she?
Toro after his grooming session. The fur is just under 1/2 inch. The groomer took 1.5 hours to do it. Toro:Yesh..I deserve some love...more please...
Toro: Did I say stop?
Yes, he is fat under the coat. But once he came home, he lay on the floor and rested. He looked cool which was nice as the days are getting hotter!

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Anonymous said...

Many SGeans first words are: How much? Value of Toro & everything are to be pegged to $. Toro is priceless!! Don't disappoint future Q'ers, say $2000.