Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings

I decided that it would be bestest if I took care of san when she got really sick with fever and asthma. So I stayed wif san all weekend and saw that she rested well. I even told Megat he should not wake her up (he sometimes would walk over her to wake her up). I even had to chase him off the bed several times. I thought I would be much better than a toy :)

This morning san was better and she woke up at 5 am to feed us and give Toro his meds. she could not even give Toro his meds during the weekend so Cousin R had to come and help me take care of that! But now that san is better, we would have food and meds and even play. This is a good Monday I fink.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Some rest and relak time for us and san. san has been coffing quite alot and making a lot offur noise. I fink san needs a toy like what I have. I have 2 so maybe I can give san one. Hmmm...which one ......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watchful Wednesday

I am the Watch Cat. I can read Stephen King and watch the goings on in my house at the same time :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tranquil Tuesday

When a cat decides on a course of action...
and thinks twice about it...then

Tanquil Tuesday comes about.

But in the amigos house, this does not happen often :) Usually Bujang gets his way, sometimes Toro beats up Megat, Megat usually beats up Toro and Tanaka ignores everyone :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Hide and Seek


The amigos favourite hiding place when all the curtains are drawn. I am glad we are able to offer them this very private space as it allows them the quiet for afternoon naps :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleepy Sunday


Easy Peasy Sunday

The boys just hanging around on Sunday morning
Bujang looked at Sunday frst before decing on a lazeabout...

Megat tried the bed for starters but decided hanging out with family was better...

Tanaka decided from the very beginning that Sunday is about LAZEABOUTs...

The sun felt good ...hmmmm

and I have to do laundry duty as well...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday in the park

Finally after a whole year, I brought Bujang back to this park. he started walking really when he was in this park 5 or 6 years ago but I stopped bringing him year a couple of years ago as it became very noisy with young people and boys playing soccer. Once or twice we nearly got hit by a soccer ball and once by a cricket ball! It was far too dangerous for us.
But I know he like sit here as it is far more interesting with may paths to explore.
And many places to sit under...
Here he met his favourite ixora bush again and he spent some time smelling each and every clump of ixora flowers.
A kind of bird's eye view. It There was no one but us this afternoon. The Town Council had also built a tall enclosure surrounding the play area - some kind of ball court but I think they had locked it up. So no one can play at the court anymore which is a pity as there is hardly any public space in Singapore that people can use for recreation. I think if you want to use the space you may have to get a permit! Although I think its a pity, I am grateful at the same time cos a soccer ball can really hurt someone or someone's cat!
Another bush that he explored. I think he is figuring out just how many cats (or dogs) visit this space.
Bujang in hiding :)
When we came home, he was very relaxed and happy and sat quietly.

Bujang had a good time here. I first thought I should stop him but then he wa shaving such agood time I decided to let him just do it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Copy Cat

Just Because san read The Admiral's entry , she decided to do THIS to me. But I quite like it. Its kinda fun she says, especially when all you have to do is click some boxes :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Catliness

Cleanliness is very important to a cat, no matter what san.
Megat's laid back everyday stance :)

Last night Megat lost his temper. Just after midnight I woke up to the sound of deep meows which I recognised as Megat's voice. I contemplated ignoring him but I knew that he would not stop until I saw to him. When he saw me, he stopped meowing and pawed at the door of his cage, wanting to be let out.

I saw immediately why he was yelling. His litter pellets were all over his blankie and I smelled poo. Poor Megat. I know he does not like pooing in his own litter in the cage and would often race to the litter in the bathrom if he has to do big business. I think the smell of it bothers him (and rightly too). I cleaned and washed out his litter bin, put fresh litter in it and gave him a new blanket. After that, he was a much happier kitty and we both had some sleep.

Since Megat is a senior kitty, he needs the litter in the cage. Otherwise he would just go.

Cats are really fastidious about cleanliness and I think all of the amigos are this way. Bujang expects his throw-ups to be cleaned immediately, Toro expects very clean litter or he would pee in the shower stall, Tanaka would ensure all bits and pieces are buried and Ms Akira would not use the litter if there is poo from the boys! So therefore I was quite surprised that in one episode of "Clean House" on cable, the homeowner said that she would make sure she cleans her cat litter bin (pick up after them, not wash the bins) once a week!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tanaka How-To #3: How to Deal with Laundry

It is time for me to take over from san. She has not been furry good at blogging lately and says she has no pikshurs. So I told san I would help her out. Its time fur my How-To tips. This time about laundry.
san send out most offur our laundry to the man who helps her to wash them. She gives them paper - a lot offur it for him to keep our laundry safe and sound and of course smelling good. She usually send out our fings as she says all the mats and quilts are too difficult for her to wash by herself.

So I have to keep my ears out for the sound of the bell effury Sunday morning. Here I am doing my best to hear for the bell. But first I always hear for his footsteps.
Then I have to turn around to see if it was really the laundry man. Sometimes its the post that brings our medicine from far away. Once I hear the laundryman I always

check if its the rights bags. san puts our laundry in Ikea bags as they are distinct and the laundryman knows the bags belong to us.

Sometimes I send my helper Toro to see if the laundryman has arrived. He is my right-handcat and does his job well.

Once the laundryman takes away our dirty linen (hehe), he would drop off the clean ones. This menas the laundry would smell nice and clean. Both of us would do the sniff test. san would give the laundryman a lot of paper also at this point. You can see from the pikshurs that we have the same stuff that we sent out before. Now they are in plastic. I always make sure that this is the case as it is my duty. It would not be right if the laundryman sends us someone else's laundry. Then I would have to tell san and she would have to make our complaints to the person-in-charge at the laundramat.

But as the BOSS, I would have to make sure that the right bags are taken in exchange for the paper and then I make sure the lundryman goes away. We do not want him to come back and take away our clean ones again.

So then san puts away our newly cleaned laundry. THAT is when I know my job is done.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Because

what did you say san?

Sleepy Sunday

Tanaka: I will not sleep. I have a bruffer to take care of.
Toro: zzzz

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thursday Vet Visit

Safe at last!

Today Bujang went to the vet for his booster shot. The poor kitty thought he was going for a walk but he was whisked away to the clinic. He protested very loudly (as he had every right to do) and so I advised him to yell at the vet instead. Vets can take almost anything I feel :)

We were lucky as there was no one there and Dr T saw us almost immediately. He took his shots very well and even allowed the vet to trim his nails but we had to stop when he started growling. At least the nails in his front paws are very short :)

He is now alseep as he had a little fever from the vaccination but he should be ok tomorrow. His next shot in in 2012. Phew!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday with Ms Akira

Ms Akira likes watching the world from as far away as possible. The pink mattress is where she spends most of her time under.
Resting on san's lap.
Ms Akira grooming at her new cat tree...

She sits here often at the open window to see what's going on...

I got Ms Akira a new cat tree that she can use to sit and look outside although this part of the corridor is rather boring. But as she is a quiet cat, more often than not, she would be able to spy on the outside quite safely and she can sprint down or up at the slightest noise. She also likes sitting on the tree that is on the far wall, opposite the window :)

Hari Raya

The boys waiting for guests last week...

The boys were very well-behaved last week. they helped me with greeting the guests and played with a few of them. This left me with some time to chat and catch-up. Tanaka was the perfect host and greeted the guests with his wet nose and presence. Bujang just sat under the table but at least he came out some of the time. Megat decided to hide out and so did Toro :)

All in all, they were not much stressed out as they could always escape to their safe places and the guests know not to follow them :)

Monday as usual

What? I thought we would have no more flash boxes! I think its time to run...again...
Medicine time...

Since Toro is going for his haircut to the groomer's today, I thought I should give him his meds in the am. The kitties are usually much calmer. Toro waited quite long and Megat was actually quite cooperative with his sang hwang mixture. Then he decided to wait for Toro to finish. This is the first time since 2 weeks ago that Megat decided to wait as he had been trying to run away from morning meds. His last Alutab pill was Saturday really and so he had one day with no meds. I think that is why he decided to give me a chance :)

He is not vomitting anymore but I decided to get his CANIGEST anyway as it helps him with his digestion and tummy. Toro has Pro Kaolin to prevent him from vomitting too. We will be taking Bujang for his booster FIV vaccination tomorrow - finally.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

At last, no more guests for us and exams for san... time to sleep...

We have been having many guests for Hari Raya Puasa. It was furry tiring for all offur us and san was furry busy with all offur guests and spring cleaning. But this Sunday, we had no more guests and as tomorrow is the beginning of another week and work day, san thinks we have seen our last guest for the year. I fink san will be more free to blog next week as she is on a break.

She even forgot that Bujang needed a booster for his FIV vaccination. She promises to write more about that later. But for now, we are going to bed. PHEW!