Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Catliness

Cleanliness is very important to a cat, no matter what san.
Megat's laid back everyday stance :)

Last night Megat lost his temper. Just after midnight I woke up to the sound of deep meows which I recognised as Megat's voice. I contemplated ignoring him but I knew that he would not stop until I saw to him. When he saw me, he stopped meowing and pawed at the door of his cage, wanting to be let out.

I saw immediately why he was yelling. His litter pellets were all over his blankie and I smelled poo. Poor Megat. I know he does not like pooing in his own litter in the cage and would often race to the litter in the bathrom if he has to do big business. I think the smell of it bothers him (and rightly too). I cleaned and washed out his litter bin, put fresh litter in it and gave him a new blanket. After that, he was a much happier kitty and we both had some sleep.

Since Megat is a senior kitty, he needs the litter in the cage. Otherwise he would just go.

Cats are really fastidious about cleanliness and I think all of the amigos are this way. Bujang expects his throw-ups to be cleaned immediately, Toro expects very clean litter or he would pee in the shower stall, Tanaka would ensure all bits and pieces are buried and Ms Akira would not use the litter if there is poo from the boys! So therefore I was quite surprised that in one episode of "Clean House" on cable, the homeowner said that she would make sure she cleans her cat litter bin (pick up after them, not wash the bins) once a week!!


Anonymous said...

Some of my cats like nothing better than to use OTHER cats' litter boxes because they want to keep their litter boxes clean!! They would go to another room/level to pee/poo when the opportunity arises.

Admiral Hestorb said...

ONCE a WEEK? Mommy said my litter box would be overflowing after all of THAT time. Once a WEEK?? My goodness. Mommy does mine every day.