Monday, October 30, 2006

Ms Akira's in trouble!

No, I'm afraid I don't know why she did it.

Oh No! What if they find out? Did anyone get sick?

Yum..water is always good, even if it belongs to the guests!

This morning I saw Ms Akira drinking water from this pretty bowl with the pink towellete. It's supposed to be for guests who might like wash their fingers after to eating the cookies. It seems Ms Akira has been drinking the water. :)) No wonder the water level keeps getting lower and we had been washing out the bowl and replenishing the water. There is nothing like a resourceful and very thirsty cat although the water fountain for the amigos is still running in the kitchen. I guess why go to the kitchen when you can get a drink from the table?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Report from Toro TunaBelly

I am glad to report that only 2 furmilies came to visit us this Sunday. They came in the affurternoon to talk to my grandma and to eat cookies. I don't like cookies. I like tuna fish and bream and liver and sometimes chicken. The children did not chase us, which was good as the man with the big voice told them to leave us amigos alone. san was not home so she told me to wrrite about it. Bujang is very lazy and he is sleeping on Miss Akira's cage. So I am on blogging duty.

Today I finally got to jump on top of the bookcase in the computer room but san was tired and she did not have her hp with her to take a pikshur. I am verrry sad about that as I'm sure I look purrty nice jumping up. san says she got my tail. Well that is better than nuffing.

It is already 10 a'clock and I'm surre no one else will come to visit grandma at night so I am saying goodnight on behalf of grandma, san, bujang and ok... also Miss Akira. After all we are all family here :)

Installation Art

Dove of peace and tranquility

I came out of the hairdresser and met these two artistes. They must be very hot sitting at the train station dressed in silver from top to toe. I was wondering what they were when one of them fluttered a dove and so I figured they must be trying to give a message of peace. There was some ringgit in the box with the silver flowers. I don't think they were asking for money though.

It was quite surreal until one of the girls decided to watch the crowd. It became quite difficult to suspend my disbelief then. The funny thing was after she watched the crowd, she spoke to her friend and then both of them righted their garments. A lot of people lost interest and walked off. The red light came on so I crossed the street to Genki Sushi for lunch.


Oh what is life if its full of nothing-to-do?

What's that blinking and meowing?

Its moving! Its moving!

Ohhhh...its a kitty cat...

Oh what is life if its full-of-nothing-to-do?

Toro was hanging (pun intended) out with me as grandma was busy with housework. He sat on his shelf and watched nothing until I was reading Vegancat's entry about Tong-tong. The video attracted Toro's attention and he watched it from his shelf quite avidly. I notice he likes the moving pictures on TV too, probably because his favourite grandma watches soaps and hysterical brazilian TV everyday. He sometimes sits on her lap to watch TV with her :)

Grandma remarked that Toro's fur is growing longer. I had to tell her that I will have to get him to the groomer to trim it close as he is hot under all that fur. Grandma laughed and said she has 2 weeks before that happens. Grandma still hopes that I would change my mind but i think what my cat needs will have to over ride everything. Sorry Grandma.

Travel Plans

The boys made a great fuss over the case that I had bought yesterday to pack my stuff for Texas in. All the other cases that I had were either too small 18" or in someone else's house! So I bought this 20" one and I actually had room to spare. Bujang decided that he would try out the case for me in case I was not careful enough with the checking. Even Toro tried and tested the wheels to see if they all come up to scratch. Bujang wanted to go with me but changed his mind at the last minute. A cat in a bag would probably be too much for UA.

The travel advisory for UA says that none of the liquids that I might bring should be more than 90ml and should be packed separately in my hand luggage, in clear plastic so that it could be xrayed. So I guess all my cleansers etc would have to stand up to scrutiny from airport security :) So today I must get some zip lock bags just for this.

I bought some vacuum-sealed bags to put my clothes in from W, so that is why I have extra space. I would not be filling it up as I might need the space to put stuff that I might buy from San Antonio.

The amigos did not look worried about me going. I guess its because they would not be boarded but will stay home with grandma.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

For the last time, let us have some peace.

We are very fierce cats. We do not want any more guests today! We need rest!

If you dare come in, we will bite! Look at our very sharp teeth! GROWWLL!

The Scouts

The kitties were quite concerned that more guests would descend on us this Saturday to disturb their peace and serenity. So they both decided (since there was no space for Toro) that they would do the honours and be on the lookout for any tell-tale signs of guests - giggling, shouting and general stampeding along the corridor.

Hmmm...I can see no one..Can you see anyone?

Nope...lets look to the left...that's where the lift is...

What's that noise eh? oh-oh...

It's just upstairs Bujang. Listen carefully and stop looking at butterflies...

Time for R and R and more R

The amigos were just hanging out relaxing today, looking at the world from the safety of their home. No need to scurry about hiding from strangers and well-meaning pet lovers who rush at them saying "Ooohh so nice." I am also taking a time-out from frenetic Hari Raya cleaning and serving guests, Phew!

It's a miracle!

Toro and Bujang today slept together on the table as though they were siblings. It is the FIRST time this has happened. I was taking pics of Miss Akira when I saw Toro jump onto the table. If Toro is anywhere near him, Bujang would usually get up and walk away but I am glad that this time, he decided to just go on sleeping when Toro slept beside him. :)

After taking many pics (evidenced by the next entry), I left them to themselves and went to chat with grandma. After a full 30 minutes, they were still together. I am simply amazed by what has happened.

Friday, October 27, 2006

It began like this

Do I dare try it?

Hmm...maybe it's really safe to sleep here...

Ok...he won't beat me up...


This is kind of nice....

When it rains...

Yesterday I went down to feed the cats as it was raining. I figured the cats might be more hungry. The old feeder told me three weeks ago that she would ask her friend to help her feed the cats but I have not seen this friend. So I decided that apart from my duty days, I would try to feed the cats on the other days too when I can.

The night went on without incident until I had fed FatBoy and we (FB has taken it upon himself to accompany me on my route after his feed) left to feed Calico Mom. We passed the lift and saw some girl who saw FB. She immediately giggled and squirmed and said ''. I told her that the cat will not hurt her so she doesn't need to be frightened by it. Indeed FB was more frightened by the giggling and squirming! I also said that FB was not really interested in her as she had nothing to give him. The people at the life (her little brother, her maid and another man) were quite surprised that I had even spoken for the cat. When we left, I heard her yell "Loser".

Aiyah! Maybe it was not the best thing to have done. She might try to giggle and squirm her way to do something to FB but like Lady Macbeth said "What is done, cannot be undone." :( I don't care about being called 'loser' as she was young and was probably embarrassed when I had told her all that in a very firm way. I can't really understand silly people. The only excuse is possibly she is young, probably only 11 or 12.

Anyway the good thing about yesterday's feeding was I found out that FB has other admirers. As I was sitting with him, a young woman came and talked to him. Since he was no more hungry, he jumped up and followed her and I made my way home. I think she was the same young woman who spoke to me before about FB. Anway as I left, I saw FB with the woman and her partner talking to each other. He seemed very comfortable with them.

Who else is coming today to visit?

Bujang, eagle-eyed, looking out for more visitors... listening for their footsteps even...

Time for R&R

This little place used to belong to Toro when it was just a plain, yellow table. Bujang did not even look at it. But now alas, once covered by a bright, orange rug for Hari Raya, Bujang decided to claim it for himself. I told grandma that it was very strange but she reminded me that this table with the orange rug used to belong to Bujang when I had placed it in the bedroom. It struck me that she was right as when Bujang was an only-cat, I had placed this table in the bedroom so he would have a safe hiding place from people. He used to rest under it quite alot as a little kitten.

I think he remembered it too once I put the orange-rug on the table again. The question is then- what was it that attracted him back to this table? The orange rug? I thought cats are colour-blind.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Screaming Banshee pics at last

Finally I got a few pics of SB. These 2 were the best out of 6. She is not the best looker by any means but she is a really enthusiastic soprano. She eats very slowly and sometimes will not even finish what she has by the time I finished with FatBoy and Calico Mom. so I end up waiting in the carpark just so I can clean up after her. I sometimes give her more than she wants because I am afraid she would be hungry later. The spare food is just leftovers from Calico Mom who is a small eater.

SB is now not so afraid and would actually sidle up to me and hang out grooming herself in my presence. :) Just now I had to stop Little calico from running across the carpark to the void deck because a car was coming. Thank goodness I had a jacket on as it was raining and her claws did not dig so deeply into my arm. After that she was too shocked to eat and so I gave her one teaspoon of canned food before coming back after my route to give her kibble. She sat to chat with me for abit before I had to leave.

Fat Cat

Bujang on his first time out after a long time, yesterday.

"Wah Big Cat" [read - WOAh FAT cat!]
"Eh last time so slim" [read- FAT cat!]
"My cat half the size' [read - FAT cat!]

Poor Bujang has been called FAT to his face countless times yesterday. I was wondering why it was that Bujang did indeed look as though he has put on weight as I had carefully weighed his kibble. After intensive questioning, I discovered that grandma had been feeding the amigos 2X40 grammes in the morning when she should have just given them 1X40 grammes.

I think grandma got a little confused as I have put 40 grammes in a container so she could just put one. Before I have put 20 grammes so she needs to put 2X20 grammes. So I reminded grandma of the ills of being overweight like diabetes and liver disease. Even though she thinks Bujang looks malnourished when he was on the diet, I think she now realises the gravity (!) of the situation.

I thought 1X40/3 for the day plus 1 full teaspoon of canned food (for dinner) and 20 grammes of night feed per cat should be quite enough for everyone. Maybe I should recalculate. :/

Welcoming Hari Raya

The boys decided to welcome the morning immediately when I opened the windows to cool the house. Bujang hopped onto the cat tree immediately to survey the morning and greet the new day. I had to carry Toro and put him on the cat tree as he could not jump on it. Cat-aunty and I have this theory that it is a persian thing not to be able to climb and jump onto high places without help :) Ms Akira was not interested to climb as she was just lazing around sniffing at cookies..

Have jewel will celebrate

The amigos all got a new jewel in their collars for Hari raya AidilFitri. Red for Ms Akira, purple for TunaBelly and Bujang wore his tag with the coloured crystals. Now that he has grown chubbier, he doesn't look too sissy for it. But these jewels are only for this week and by next week they would all be wearing their usual collars as I think its much more safe that way.

The Ninjas

What's that moving under the covers?

It's Ms Akira - the invisible one.

Ms Akira spent the whole day yesterday under the covers. She went undercover even before the guests arrived. I think she knew from the frenetic cleaning to the strange behaviour of the residents, that something was up.

This too will pass...

Bujang did not fret all of yesterday. Instead he tolerated the fussing that went on from morning to night and greeted everyone nicely and well, with teeth hidden and claws sheathed. He sat with the guests and when things became too much, he moved into the room to rest. He was the epitome of calmness. Half the time, I was quite harried by the sheer numbers of guests that descended on our door and wished for some of the calm that my cat had.

Hmph! What are these people up to?

Toro spent all of yesterday with this sometimes disdainful attitude and most times with uncertainty. He sat in the washroom, with his face to the wall and sometimes he sank into the wash basin. If he could not see the people. I think he thinks they can't see him too.

Roses and the amigos

Bujang spent quite a lot of time just smelling the faint scent of roses. He did it slowly and delicately like he would do when he smells the ixora bushes. Grandma was worried that he might be too enthusiastic and break the glass vase but all went on quite safely. When all the guests had left, Toro made an appearance and was also attracted to the roses on the table. He took one leap and landed safely to my surprise as he had never managed to do this before.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Eve of Hari Raya

Oooohhh...what's this? Cookies, I smell chocolate?

There was more cleaning to be done this afternoon. I bought a new rug for the room as _someone_ threw up on the new rug last night. I have not yet isolated the suspect but Ms Akira was the favourite to win. She has a very delicate stomach.

Toro came out of the room and immediately inspected a parcel I got from someone in the office. It was full of Hari Raya goodies and Toro had a field day inspecting each and every package. He just loves surprises.

Hmm..this looks like the one we had yesterday. It just smells different. It feels nice..hmm

More shopping and nothing for me. Hmpf!

Rest and relax, away from the noise and hustle.

Bujang took refuge in the carrier that I had put outside the bedroom. I had to lock the amigos out, especially Bujang as he was trying to help me vacuum the room and I had run out of bream and liver treats :) He rested in this safe cocoon quite comfortably and slept the afternoon away while I clean up their stuff. :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Big Sunday Sweep

Bujang looked at the state of the house and announced that we had to do something before Hari Raya. He stood in the corner for a bit and contemplated the disaster area that was the living room. I promised my cat that I would clean the living room, the computer room and the bathroom today and leave the rest of the house for tomorrow. After thinking it over, Bujang decided that he would inpect the house before giving his verdict.

What's all this then?

What's that outside the window?

What's these pictures? Who are these cats? maybe I can see better if not for the dust eh?

What's that moving outside?

Bujang inspecting ecvery inch of the house to see what needs cleaning. His thorough once over was quite helpful as I was then requested to clean up the house for the Hari Raya by Inspector Bujang. he told me he would help me through it and that he did I am glad to report.

Working a little

Let me try it. It looks fun.

Bujang tried to help me clean the window sills. He is always the helpful cat when it comes to cleaning up. Possibly he thinks its alot of fun. I was thinking that if I could, I would pay him to clean house. :)

What's that smell?

An experimental sniff at the mop. One swipe of the window and it's sparkling clean. Err..not quite but at least most of the dirt is gone.