Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

We are just hanging out, which is what we do very well indeed.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our disappearing midnight post and thanks

We had posted something after midnight about Giving Thanks but we do not know what happened to the post now. Blogger is still a great mystery for us but we would like to thank our friend from PAWS for his thoughts about Bujang and Totoro. So this bright morning we leave you with Tanaka on Saturday. We hope our midnight post will make its way out again or else Bujang would give me another talking to.

I am toooo sleepy to wake up so early san...
san managed to find a few of the pictures and so here they are again. We want to give thanks for many things. san says she always give thanks for me. A student of hers found me swimming in a drain in a tropical storm and rescued me. But as the student could not bring me home, san decided that I would have to come home with her instead and so now I have grown into a BIG cat. But a long time ago I was pretty small.
 Grandma used to have to give me milk every 4 hours...
 and I took many naps. Now I still take naps but as I am the oldest one here, I take care of the house and grandma and san too. I am a man-cat with responsibilities!

On another note altogether, san wants to give thanks for our brother Totoro. She also wanted to thank Totoro for being such a joy and loving cat. san wants to thank the Chans who had him in their thoughts yesterday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Just a Cat

I want to say that sometimes we just feel like rolling about. It's no big deal. It's the way life is..

...that was a good day outside ...
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just resting san...

Would you like to get off my bed and blanket so I can tidy the bed Akira?
No, I want to sit here for a bit san.
I look quite pretty no?
Yes, ok Akira. Just tell me when you need me to do anything else for you.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Walkies

San brought me out for a walk downstairs this evening. I was a little nervous as I have been walking along the corridor all these weeks. So I just took a quick walk and then sat in my carrier.

Here I watched the world pass by and then...

it rained. San decided to do the next best thing and we walked upstairs, along our corridor.

I watched the water fall into the drainage system carefully. I wonder where it would go.

Then I sat in front of my little neighbour's house. San sat with me as she got tired of standing about waiting for me to make my move. Finally I enjoyed myself the most wondering what this black thing was. It smelled of faraway places. I liked it a lot as you can see from my pictures.

Thank you san for my walkies today.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

I decided to give san the eye as she came home without anything for us. Of cos I thought I might pressure her into taking a walk with me but she said "later Jang can?"

So all if us decided to write the entry this morning as san was trying to get her things on order for work tomorrow.

san came home yesterday and she told us that there were no pet shops at Jonker Street where she was. There was only people food and san did not think we should eat any of that.

-this is "cencaru with chilli" which was good. But I could see san was right. Cats don't eat chili.

She also ate a peranakan speciality called "ayam buah keluak" (chicken cooked in keluak nuts) and the yellow gravy is "nenas masak lemak" (pineapple in coconut gravy). They were all delicious she said. We were glad san enjoyed herself.

But for us now that san is back its just taking it easy...

and of cos our very own dramaqueen Ms Akira

Happy Sunday everyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Because

Nuffing fur us from Malacca? Hrumphhh

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going Away Again!

san is going away tomorrow to Malacca. I am not pleased and so I have been examining her bag to see if there is space for me too. I thought she just went on holiday last year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megat's Vet Visit

Megat met Dr Ly yesterday. He had to wait a little longer because there was an emergency surgery. But he remained calm and sat quietly for his turn. There were some small dogs that made quite a racket because they had to wait but he was unperturbed.

This was the first of our usual 4 reviews for this year with Dr Ly for his lymphoma. Eventhough he has been clear for 4 years already we still have this constant vigilance as lymphoma may appear again as it seems thee is no cure for it, just remission.

The enlarged lymph nodes that he has has not become worse and the one that he has in his inner right leg has disappeared. Dr Ly seemed surprised that he is on salbutamol but was pleased as the 0.1 twice a day is taking care of his asthma. When I told him Megat has not been eating well, he told Megat that he needs to eat to keep up his strength and now he has vitamin B to go with his med regimen. Megat also had some injections of Fercobsang (vit B and iron) and Laurabolin. Dr Ly recommends that he gets these injections on a monthly basis as well so I would need to discuss this with his other vet Dr T.

Dr Ly was pleased with his general health and rec that we keep to the usual regimen of - 1.5 ml sang hwang extract, 2.5 ml colloidal silver, 2 capsules of kidney activator and now 2 Vit B pills a day. He also needs 250 ml of SubQ fluids twice a week, the Fercobsang and the Laurabolin monthly.

Thank goodness he is an easy kitty to medicate !

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Akira at the osteopath

This morning we nearly missed our appt with Dr Lalani as we got trapped in a jam at the ECP. Dr L advised us make another appt as he did not wish to cut short Akira's session but we made it by a whisker.

I told Dr L that she may have some trouble with her back legs. Dr L felt them and enquired if she seemed clumsy. He touched her ears as well and asked me when I had cleaned her ears last. I had never cleaned her ears! He advised that I clean her ears gently as there was some inflammation in her left ear and her right ear also needed cleaning. He also cleared up her sinus.

In more good news Dr L said she is coming into her own once again and he can see that she is becoming a more assertive kitty. Akira of cos was very quiet with the doctor which was good. She had complained the whole one hour to The Biopolis! Her next appt is on 27 April as he wanted to see if she was less clumsy and her ears are free of the inflammation.He said the ear inflammation could also cause her to lose balance as well. She was quiet and restful after the session and Dr L said she should be sleeping for a few hours :)

Anyway Dr L said I should try to clean her ears gently myself so she would not get stressed at the vet. He also recommended some fish oil on her diet. Oh-oh!

Akira at home became quite relaxed.

Tanaka of cos was ever vigilant.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

Too much sun this morning so we are all inside. Akira was out early and showed us her dagger eyes. Probably because last night she was not allowed out because of the enamel paint smell along the corridor due to repainting of the buildings. This happens once every 5 years here.

The amigos had some bouts of nausea also I suspect from the smell of the paint but I hope it would be better today.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Sit-In

Its Saturday and we are taking it slow and no san, I dun fink I can do chores.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Mystery

Hmmm. What is that I see?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Haha Bujang

You must be furry clever like me. It is YOU Bujang. You must pay attenshun to san. She sometimes reads to me (no I am not interested in thrillers, only lights) and then there would be many black cats. Haha...I fink I am getting smarter than you.