Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Thots


We had to clean the surrounding of her eyes with saline solution as she was rubbing them all day yesterday. In the evening she could not even open her right one. We also gave her some lycine powder with her minced chicken which she ate enthusiastically as well. This morning her eyes were no more watery nor the surrrunding red. the days have been very hot as well and she could have had dust in her eyes.
While I was looking for more pictures of Jeffrey Boy, I saw this one of Popps when she was Putih and still a comcat. She has so much space to explore. She must have had some good adventures then.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Mood

        ...on a new brown blanket...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

It's time for our Sunday thanks. We had one altercation between Bujang and Popps in the middle of the week and one screaming episode between Ms Akira and Tanaka. All in all a good week. After that one altercation, Popps had been very respectful of Bujang. It's not that she has not been behaving well. I think Bujang has been trying to assert his status in the house. So being very clever, she now stays in the kitchen when Bujang is sitting at the cat scratcher or is near the door. It's only when Bujang is on one of the higher cat seats that she comes out to play or be at the door herself. We are thankful that she is mindful of him as the more aggravated he gets, the more stress he may have in his back. Adrian said an emotional upset may translate to a physical one as well. 
She really likes it here for the breeze and the activity. 

Tanaka has been his usual cheery self and takes everything in his stride. No amount of persuasion will ever convince him that leaving Akira alone will be to his advantage although I tell him this every morning before I go to work. But he is getting more relaxed around Popps and does not eyeball her when she is outside or follow her about. He knows the consequence of doing that very well :)

Akira is much more focussed on herself and does not get scared when there is an altercation between Bujang and Popps. She takes everything in her stride and observes them from above. This picture shows her bald spots very well but there is some fur already on her forearms. It is very slow-going but no more bites through her skin. She does lick her new fur off of course which is sad to watch. 
                           Bujang and I waiting outside Adrian's office yesterday. 

I am to try putting a cold compress on his back these two weeks. Adrian said the pain in his back is due to wear and tear in older animals. Yesterday he was not very angry when Adrian touched his back and he enjoyed the cranial massage as well. Adrian said a cranial treatment can also benefit the whole boy although he prefers to directly massage the affected area. He said in two weeks he would try to lengthen the ligaments there but very slowly as he does not want to rile Bujang nor get bitten or scratched by him. So in two weeks we all see if this can even be done. 
                                                  Buddies on Sunday

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Easy

                 Just chillaxing
It's Saturday and San is home from bringing Bujang to the osteopath. He has to go again in 3 weeks but San didn't manage to get that appointment so she is bringing him there again in 2 weeks time. Adrian will try to lengthen his ligaments more then. It is going to be slow but San says if Adrian can do that, Bujang may feel less pain. 

I am just taking it easy. That orange cat is still peering into my room but I don't mind so much and can tolerate such things better. 

Now of course he is in my room using my blankets. San should get him his own I think. Hrumphff!

Friday, April 24, 2015


           Time for some R&R
        Time with family
      Time away from the madding crowd
            Just Time-Out time

We're glad the weekend is finally here. It's time to breathe deeply and just be still. Bujang however, has to go see Adrian tomorrow for his monthly back check. However, we wish to wish everyone a good joyful weekend. 

We also wish Jeffrey a good weekend as well in boarding. It seems he is one of the biggest cats there and he spent his time eating bowls of kibble. I think perhaps, like all comcats, he thinks he may not see food again! But like all comcats that transition indoors, there will be a time where he will eat just a few mouthfuls at different times thorughout the day. His next adoption event will be on 3rd May. Purrs for Jeffrey!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

                                   Totoro our Rainbow Kitty

I had a dream about Totoro last week when I was very anxious about Jeffrey. In the dream, I saw him at my auntie's house and I was surprised as I knew, even in the dream, that he was at the bridge. He looked a little dirty and was hungry.  I fed him a little and then he had a rest. Then I woke up and wondered why I even had such a dream. So I decided that I would ask Fern to speak with him even before his anniversary. 

Please find the messages from Totoro below:

1. He was chasing and playing with something of rounded shape like a ball of strings. Very soft.

The place where he was looked very vast, luminating in gold mists like gold dusts every where. Flat. Not many trees.

2. Nearby Toro, there was an old tiger, looked like albino, watching him and guarding Toro. This tiger is a female and very kind, I could tell from the way she looked at Toro.

3. So I asked him if he has made any friend besides the tigress, he showed me that there was a young, small black bird of shiny and colorful feathers at the wings (red, bright blue) near him. The bird also watching him play with the string ball.

4. He said he was happy. I felt a very light feeling from his heart.

5. I asked if he would like to pass you any message when he came to your dream last week?

He said he missed you very much, and gave out a very sweet and loving energy. He also added that look out for him, to come back some time in a near future (dont know when).

I asked in which form he would come back, he said he didnt know yet. But he sounded very hopeful and happy.

Then he said he felt like going back and play.

6. He asked if you were ok and about all his brothers and sister. He was concerned but not worried. Very upbeat.

I updated him about Popps. He said he saw her. Quite intimidating. :)

I was very glad that he was okay and quite surprised that he was playing. He was not a cat very fond of play by himself and would much rather I play with him. From the previous communications, he was always alone in the middle of other animals, frequently just watching and letting things pass him by, much like he was in life. I don't really know about reincarnation but I was thinking if he plans on coming back, he had better make it sooner than later although it would be a tight squeeze in the house :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Thots

It is not easy to live the life of a community cat. Like Popps said to Fern last Sunday after her encounter with him in the house, " Out there was tough so he should be able to find a home like me." I am glad she has a lot of confidence in our ability to help him find a home :). The mediators got us a place to board him so he does not have to be  released to the carpark again. I was rather anxious as I had tried to board him once (read here) and he got sick. Even the vet then told me I should release him back to his own space, the carpark, where he would feel safe. I was reminded of this post that I had done for him by an administrator of a Facebook site for cats called Kittens for Adoption. She had asked me where the clinic that I took Jeffrey boy was. Now Jeffrey is on her site as well. 

So I was very relieved to have gotten some pictures of him in his present boarding facility. He looked relaxed and calm. I can say with certainty that he can actually live with other cats now, when I am asked the question and yes, he uses the litter as well. I am sure this might increase his chances to be adopted although the reality here is cats his age don't get adopted easily. There was someone who offered to foster him before but now she has changed her mind as she does not have the required grills to her flat.

Jeffrey Boy making himself at home at the boarding facility. 

The cats all looked so laid back and relaxed. He is also getting Reiki as well as I was anxious that he feels well. He can't afford to get sick like before as then he might lose his place here.
Jeffrey Boy in 'happier days', rolling about near the  carpark.

His other caregiver told me that he and his buddy are not in the carpark often these days and therefore he should be safe. But I am afraid that he might get caught by pest control if the complainant calls them although the TC said they would call the mediators first. So better be in boarding I think. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday News for the Week

Popps relaxing last night and listening to the upstairs neighbor singing a raga. 

Last night Popps got her kitchen back at night. She was relived and ran quickly to the kitchen when it was time for her night snack. At about 9 I went to see if she was okay and saw that she was sitting on the rug, relaxed and quiet. I suppose she was very happy to get her sleeping quarters back. 

Jeffrey at the Adoption event yesterday. 
It was a little hot yesterday at the Tanjung Pagar railway station. The event began at 11 am and stopped at 3 pm for the senior cats. He was a little stressed as this was the first time he had gone to something like this. Because he was a little frightened we had to put him in a cage a little hidden from view but later we opened the towel that covered his cage and he acted very well. He allowed the onlookers to look at him and did not protest when they touched his fur. When it was too much , he moved away from them quietly. 

As the mediators said it may not be the best for him to be released back to the carpark, we had found him a place that he can be boarded. There he would be taught to use the litter as well and can learn to socialize with other cats. Although he is social already and has a good buddy at the carpark, many people asked if he is friendly as of course cat people would have more than one cat and a few asked if the cats there use the litter as well. 
      His dinner buddy Girl-girl

There was no potential adopter for him yesterday but he is going for another event in a month. 
The amigos were a little confused when I brought Jeffrey into the house last Friday. They walked about in anxiety. The only one who was not anxious was Popps. I think she may have recognized him from her time as a Comcat. She sat quietly listening to him meowing. However after half and hour or so, all of them relaxed as well and got on with things. 

We are all very well here and are thankful for that. We send good thoughts for Jeffrey at the boarding facility. 
Jeffrey sitting with me in my kitchen yesterday before the event. Good luck Jeffrey. 

Friday, April 17, 2015


Just because this week I didnt get to post even once! 

Today will be an exciting day as we will have to play host to a comcat who is going on an Adoption Drive tomorrow. Popps has been spending her nights in Akira's room which she didn't like one bit. I wonder what the comcat looks like. san says he is male and a tuxedo like Bujang. san told us to pray for a good result for Jeffrey, the comcat, that he would find himself a furever home. We are all crossing our paws fur him.
              Jeffrey the Comcat.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

shhhhh...playing hide and seek

These days both Tanaka and I play hide and seek with san, especially after dinner. We know that after dinner is the time for TCM, warm sea salt baths and sometimes cutting nails and cleaning ears. These are not fun times for any of us - myself, Tanaka and Popps. san leaves Bujang alone as he has claws and teeth that he is not afraid to use. So almost always we try to run and hide.
I do not think I need to eat meds effuryday. So once I hid myself in the litter bin. It was amusing to hear san call my name. Then I hid in grandma's cupboard and once I hid under the grey stool in the living room, right under san's nose. I am beginning to like playing hide and seek. 
I usually pretend to be asleep in grandma's room. San would always allow me to sleep undisturbed. But now, there is no escape as I need to clean my ears only once in a week. I don't mind that too much these days. I quite like the attention unless it's time for nail clipping!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Just Because

    Sitting in a sunpuddle ... Life is good.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Mood


I had asked Fern to ask her to help me take care of Bujang and that she should just leave him to his own devices as if he gets upset, it may affect his back even more. 

She said:
She was quite surprised about our proposal. She was considering it and felt a bit sad to know Bujang's back is not well.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

I suspect that I won't be getting much food in the coming months. Yesterday the needle doctor told san that he felt I was much heavier. San was surprised and so she weighed me and was shocked. I am sure in the coming months I would get rationed food. I heard her tell grandma not to be tricked by my so-hungry yelling as well. Hmmmm I don't think that is playing fair. However I am thankful that our friends told san that a cat that is a little chubby is better than a skinny kitty. What is good is that I think san will try to bring me out for longer walks. 

My thanks is simple since I like simple things. I am thankful that san and cousin R help me with my medicines every day. I am thankful for the warm sea salt baths as my skin is not as itchy as before. I am also feeling much more relaxed. I know that my canned food is not the best for a cat but I like them. I do not like no grain wet food. San had tried many times but I always told her 'no thanks'. San thinks because I eat very little wet food, it's ok. I am thankful for that. 

It's time fur fanks. I am fankful that san pays me a lot offur attenshun. I do not mind the TCM nor the needle doc. I can take it. San now also wipes me down every day with warm sea salt water and so I do not have too much loose fur. I do not like being brushed at all. 
I am thankful that san and cousin R wipes me down only on Saturdays as I am just getting used to being cleaned by someone else. Yesterday san was very pleased to see that my ears were not very dirty unlike before. Don't get me wrong. They were still dirty but NOT filthy. So I didn't have to suffer so much ear cleaning. Also I am thankful that I get raw chicken breast or raw beef for dinner. San has been giving me that for 2 whole weeks already. This week it is time for skinless chicken breast. I do eat the kidney kibble and I also have some of the kidney TCM in my food in the morning. So eventhough there are some things that are difficult living indoors, I am grateful that I am always safe and I get good food and care. 
So from our home to you- have a very good SUNDAY everyone. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Easy

Bujang relaxing after his needle doctor session. He nearly got the doctor today. Thank goodness Dr O was fast. 
Hunting for insects under the chair. He ate an ant! 

We weighed him at the doctor's. He needs monitoring for his weight as he has put on 600 grammes!! Oh dear. The vet will not be pleased. 
He does look chubby here though. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


          The weekend is here. 

It's time to sharpen the claws and have some fun...maybe. Maybe it's also time for a long nap. 

             Have a good weekend friends!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Tanaka Thursday

Tanaka enjoys sleeping inside my blanket. 

Tanaka is now more relaxed with Popps and Akira, although not any less vigilant of Akira. He is now able to lie in the middle of the living room and Popps can walk by without him being fixated on her. He does have conversations with Akira in the morning from outside Akira's room but Akira would no longer be in hiding from him. She would sometimes tell him off (yell in his face) or just sit a little further away from him. Once when she was on the couch and he was walking from the computer room to the bedroom, she flew at him screaming. He was so shocked that he jumped in fright. Even Popps ran into the kitchen in fear.

However, it had taken him a long time to figure out his role in the household. Below are his conversations with Fern.

Tanaka was very sweet. He enjoyed the healing and curled up comfortably. He said he started to get used to the change of having a new family member and the new arrangement.

Tanaka was funny and loving. He talked more today and said I was going to make him fall asleep during healing! He was cheerful and optimistic, which made me happy. He jumped off when we were done.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

Bujang on his 1st birthday
 Bujang at 12 + 

I was looking at some pictures and saw one of Bujang when he turned 1 year old. That was the only time I had tried to put him in a jumper situation. He hated it and refused to walk with his jumper. Now of course I put him in a harness (very much like his jumper) and he is quite happy to walk about in it. Maybe it's because he knows it would be 'walking time.' He was already 6 kg when he was 1 year old. Now at 12+ he is about 7.5 kg. 

My Rainbow cat Megat told Fern once that he would like to take a look at the outside but without the harness. He said the harness would make him look stupid. I did try once to allow him outside without the harness, close to the door, but he bolted inside immediately. He was a comcat for 10 years of his life and I suppose he decided right then that he had quite enough of the outside.

Last Sunday, when Bujang had Reiki, Fern said:

Bujang was ok. He said nothing disturbed him. When I asked was it true, he said there was something that did actually but he tried to be calm and ok with it. He did well during healing and was more relaxed later on. In general, he is in good spirits and pretty contented. He said he wanted to see more of you and gave me strong feeling of affection and attachment with you.

He had a little disagreement with Popps that morning and tried to intimidate her. Popps very wisely did not react and looked away from him. Before anything else could happen I had gone to them and told both to move away. Bujang made his way back to the living space and Popps went to the kitchen, which is her safe area. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Just Because

Ms Akira is growing from strength to strength. She has not bitten through her skin and her fur on those parts are now growing slowly but now she has instead graduated to licking her feet. But no broken skin there as well.

Fern "Akira was sweet and a bit curious. She was more talkative than usual. She is an intelligent little girl. I felt she obviously is more confident but still cautious. She showed me image of kids with some sweets or ice-cream in the hand. She said she wanna try how it tasted like"

She is always curious like this. I told Fern I would get her some cream to taste. :)

Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Mood

Taking a break

Fern: "She said she needed some time to sort things out and work on it. She was quiet later on and stopped talking."

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

Today it is my turn to do the Sunday post. I have been trying to be nicer to Bujang and have not asked him to get off the spaces that I wanted to sit on. I avoid eye contact and walk slowly when he looks at me. He sometimes stare at me but I try to ignore him and look away. San told Fern to tell me that she needed my help to ensure that Bujang does not feel stressed with me living here and I think I am doing quite well. 
I have a little difficulty thinking of the other cats as my brothers and sister. I do not have much to do with Akira and Tanaka and I are learning to negotiate our spaces. I notice that both Akira and Tanaka give way to Bujang. I thinking will be wise to do as they do although I do not much like it. 
Listen to me Poppsicle. You need to be smart with Bujang. He is a big kitty and does not take kindly to disrespect. Watch out.
          'gurls are furry strange.'

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Saturday Easy

I was downstairs this morning. I saw something...
Some pigeons eating cat kibble! San had given Ginger, the bionic cat,some kibble but he only ate some of it. Then these pigeons came swooping down to eat it. I had to escape into my carrier!
Once that was over, I got out and had some grass. It was a good beginning to our Saturday Easy. 
I fink our Saturday will be pretty quiet as san is going out to see a play with some students. It's called 'Emily of Emerald Hill'. San says she is looking forward to see it. 
I plan some quiet times as well, away from vexations to my spirit- yah away from that ginger pest of a brother. 
           I am just hanging out.