Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

It's time for our Sunday thanks. We had one altercation between Bujang and Popps in the middle of the week and one screaming episode between Ms Akira and Tanaka. All in all a good week. After that one altercation, Popps had been very respectful of Bujang. It's not that she has not been behaving well. I think Bujang has been trying to assert his status in the house. So being very clever, she now stays in the kitchen when Bujang is sitting at the cat scratcher or is near the door. It's only when Bujang is on one of the higher cat seats that she comes out to play or be at the door herself. We are thankful that she is mindful of him as the more aggravated he gets, the more stress he may have in his back. Adrian said an emotional upset may translate to a physical one as well. 
She really likes it here for the breeze and the activity. 

Tanaka has been his usual cheery self and takes everything in his stride. No amount of persuasion will ever convince him that leaving Akira alone will be to his advantage although I tell him this every morning before I go to work. But he is getting more relaxed around Popps and does not eyeball her when she is outside or follow her about. He knows the consequence of doing that very well :)

Akira is much more focussed on herself and does not get scared when there is an altercation between Bujang and Popps. She takes everything in her stride and observes them from above. This picture shows her bald spots very well but there is some fur already on her forearms. It is very slow-going but no more bites through her skin. She does lick her new fur off of course which is sad to watch. 
                           Bujang and I waiting outside Adrian's office yesterday. 

I am to try putting a cold compress on his back these two weeks. Adrian said the pain in his back is due to wear and tear in older animals. Yesterday he was not very angry when Adrian touched his back and he enjoyed the cranial massage as well. Adrian said a cranial treatment can also benefit the whole boy although he prefers to directly massage the affected area. He said in two weeks he would try to lengthen the ligaments there but very slowly as he does not want to rile Bujang nor get bitten or scratched by him. So in two weeks we all see if this can even be done. 
                                                  Buddies on Sunday


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We are glad to hear that things have been quite peaceful with the Amigos. At our way, we have one more week to wait until #1 gets home.

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

That's a lot you have to be thankful for! It sounds like peace is (generally) reigning supreme there. :)


Kari said...

Bujang is getting the respect he deserves, finally. We are glad that he enjoyed the massage. Between a calmer home enviornment and his treatments, he will hopefull some relief,
Our thoughts are with Jeffrey. There is just something about him. We sense he Is a very special kitty.