Monday, January 13, 2020

Popps on Monday

Just because I am all of 15, it doesn't mean I cant still jump mama!

Popps is going strong at 15 eventhough she has stage 3 kidney issues. She lost 100 g or so of her weight and the vet wanted her to be on a kidney diet. Unfortunately they only sold a dry diet and I think that would not be good for a kidney cat. These days she is very picky and would only eat kangaroo or fresh fish (for a treat). So she is getting a different combination of Chinese herbs from Dr Oh, her tcm vet. 

When Fern spoke to her about Bujang and his grandma (who is not well) she said that Bujang should know that we all grow old and fall sick. I wonder if she was talking about herself as well. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sometimes I fear for our sanity ...

san is making us all go to the vet for our end of year checkups. We were not pleased but she didn't seem to care for our feedback. We can only hope that the results were what she hoped for. We are getting on in years so she knew the numbers would not be as good as when we were kittens. 

She spent almost all of her December school vacation glued to the sofa watching tv. She said when January 2020 comes she would be too busy with school so we are cutting her some slack. She had one week in hospital because of a stroke from her irregular heartbeats and is on medication but she is ok now.  san says we are all growing old together except for Rez who is only 5 years old. But as long as we take care of ourselves we should be ok for many years. 

Only Popps is left and she would be going to the vet tomorrow. Please think kind thoughts about us :)

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Wednesday with Popps

Popps likes looking at the corridor in the mornings as almost always there would be our frequent visitor, Mr Mynah bird. He comes and makes quite a racket and once had even entered our house (by mistake I hope). I had to put him outside hastily as a house with 5 cats is no place for  a bird, even one as gangsterish as this one. He sometimes comes in the afternoon lull to walk the corridor as well. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Is it time yet?

 Ooooo...i am so hungry...
I am good at pretending...

I was surprised to see Rez last night just lazing about here and wondered what he was trying to do. This was not his usual space. he sat here for some time and didn't move even when I took his pictures. I must say he was a very good model. Then I saw all the kitties lining up for night snacks :)

Monday, September 30, 2019


Bujang asking me to go for a walk

This pic was quite a surprise for me as well as he looked so healthy and well. He is already all of 16 this year and he was losing weight. He was down with some respiratory problems - constant sneezing and sometimes wheezing as well. He went for his checkup in June and there was nothing in his tests that suggested he was sick. His creatinine levels were good and the xray of his back showed that he was not suffering any additional stresses on his spine. However his sneezing continued to alarm me and the antibiotics the vet gave him was not helping. 

A good friend of ours, Nisa, helped us with this as she also had a cat with the same problems and her vet had recommended that she used a nebuliser with 10 cc of sodium chloride solution. The steam was supposed to dislodge the dried up mucus in his nose and clear his chest.  I am glad to report that he has been on the nebuliser for about a month and I've reduced the frequency of use from twice a day to once a day. We also have the air purifier with the HEPA filter as well. He is doing so much better and has been getting quality sleep as well. 

He also gets one cooked egg white for protein in his breakfast and dinner. He eats that with his canned food as he does not eat raw at all and does not like freeze dried food as well. So he gets 1/2 of a 85g can plus the cooked egg white, his cosequin  (for his arthritis) and his Kidney herbal supplements. He eats them all without fuss. Of cos these days he gets food 3 times a day as well. He has bulked up a little and is a happier kitty overall. 

These days I do not bring him out on his stroller for a walk as we have been having a long spell of hot weather plus the haze. Not the best weather for walking for anyone. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Just Because

There is no time to meditate san. There is only time to sleep.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Peanut's parting gift for his bruffer...

 Are you there Tanaka bruffer?
 I see you Tanaka bruffer!
He is not so good at hiding...

This morning before he left for home Peanut decided to play with Tanaka one last time. He figured out how to get onto the cat gym last night and this morning he quickly chased Tanaka up the cat gym. He was unstoppable. We will miss him.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Guest Kitty

 Guest Kitty Peanut
Bujang and Peanut out to the park

We have not been blogging much this week as we have a guest kitty. san's friend asked if we can take care of her 2.5 month kitty for a bit and san said yes. We told san that we were already crowded and we didn't have space but she said its ok since it was only for a week. we promised san that we will also chip in but we are cats and we didn't intend to do as we promised.

When the kitty came we hissed a bit and Akira slapped him when he went too near her. Even Rez was afraid of the new kitty and he kept to himself for 2 whole days in the room until san made him come outside and even then  he hid in the bedroom. san was surprised as Rez is the gangsta kitty but I guess he was not so brave after all.

Only I, Bujang, was not afraid and although I hissed at him I did not beat him up and we nose kissed a little so I allowed him to sit with me in my stroller and even gave him space to look at the scenery. He behaved well and I had to discipline him twice only. 

He is very small and likes to jump and play. He eats and drinks milk a lot and he is already bigger than when he first came. I hope his mama would not mind getting a fatter kitty when she picks him up tomorrow. His name is Peanut. I don't think I like that name at all.

san is looking for Totoro as he said he was already here for a few months already. But of cos he didn't give any clues and only said that "mama will know". san thinks he should do better! So san is cat-sittng as before Megat came to our house, but san sent him away to boarding and now he is living with another family. san is thankful as his new family loves him and treats him well eventhough he is now female and called Ren. At least san gave him the name.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Finally Friday

and finally we're at the park. Its Friday and san's one week break is here. We went out early, at about 7ish this morning. It was cool and there were not many people as most were at work. We went around the park and sat looking at people exercising. A few joggers stopped to talk to us as well. We had a quiet time at the park. We saw a chubby doggie peeing on the grass but he didn't stop to chat as he was busy sniffing around. His person was also jogging and so he ran after her but he was on leash for which we were glad as its a public park and next to a very busy road. 

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Watch It Wednesday!

Rez up to his shenanigans again

Rezki is very good at playing pretend. I don't know where he got this particular skill from as he was a commcat before he came to live with us. Almost always he would be the one who would sneak on someone and without warning slap them  or he would just beat on the cubby repeatedly to the disgust of the kitty in it. Then as though he had done nothing wrong, he would move away or sit and pretend that all is right with the world.

In this picture, he came up onto the red chair and meditated whether it was worth his while to slap Bujang. But I saw him and called him name REZKI lou enough for Bujang to hear. He stiffened and decided just for that time, he would sit quietly and pretended to be looking at me instead. He is a real rascal and he wonders why no one wants to play with him.