Sunday, January 13, 2019

Just Because

This is my firs hello for 2019...
I will be 15 this year and I have slowed down a bit. However I am very well and the vet decided that I did not need my twice weekly SubQ until after Chinese New Year when san brings the rest of us to the vet. My end of year health check was done last December before my vet and san went on holiday. The vet was pleased with my health and my kidneys. I am not out of the woods yet but my readings indicated 'normal'. Hurrah!

All the vet staff wished me well and told me that they didn't want me at the vet at all and so I have to drink more water. I will try.

Friday, January 11, 2019

CODY at home....finally

The picture his mum saw at FB that got him his own home 3.5 years ago
Cody looking at us from a safe distance
 He came to sniff at us some of the time.
 His mum tried to get him to sit with us as we were his previous caregivers when he was a commcat, but we knew knew everyone should take it slow as he might not want to remember his life then as well. he stayed here for a bit.
 And was up here, looking at us from a safe distance. We didn't want to make a fuss and even when he was a commcat, he was an alpha and didnt like fussing as well.

He finally decided we were ok and sat with us for a few minutes.

The last week of December has not been kind to Cody (who was adopted by Constance 3.5 years ago). His mum found him early one morning, about 4 ish am, unable to walk. Horrified she brought down his carrier and he immediately crawled into it without being carried inside. She knew right then that he was in a serious state and brought him to the specialist vets. After investigations, they found blood clots in his kidneys and veins. He was given a thinner and the next day fortunately the clots resolved itself but he was hospitalised for the week. They found an enlarged heart. He was not eating much. 

His blood tests showed that his kidneys were fine and there was nothing else that was wrong so his mum brought him home with medication, a blood thinner and diuretics. His mum is still waiting for his sonagram to bring him for a second opinion. 

He has now begun eating again, now that he has been home for about 2 weeks and is re-learning how to interact with his fursister Halley and his human brother. 

We visited him at his home yesterday and he looked very well, albeit thinner. He used to have muscles and now we could feel his bones much more clearly. His mum is trying to fatten him up again.  He looked really well and was walking about the house. He also showed us that he could eat a lot more as he had his 2nd dinner when we were there. Although his doctors could not tell us how long he will stay with us, with his heart problems, both human and cats are just taking it slow. 


Saturday, January 05, 2019

Saturday Sleeps

 Rez must have been really tired

I was quite surprised to see Rez sleeping so soundly. he didn't even blink an eye when I took this picture. He would usually open one eye to make sure that I was not doing anything fishy like making him take his meds. He even snored...poor thing. Must have been really tired trying to stalk Tanaka and was stalked instead by Akira.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Last post for 2018

Rezki forgot he was supposed to be grooming when he saw some birds on tv

This is Rezki's 2nd year with us as part of the amigos. We missed his Gotcha day on 25 Dec but he doesn't mind. He has grown much in terms of size as well as personality. He is calmer and much more able to listen to tone of voice. He has decided that if the others don't want to play, then he's ok with just hanging out with people. He's healthy and loves to eat. I wish him a very long life with many blessings.

Our wish for 2019 is simple.  Blessings for everyone and very cat

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Gotcha Day for Tanaka

 On 6 November Tanaka turned 11 as he is a Deepavalli baby 11 years go. He spent the day with a bowl of kibbles (his fav food), time in the new cat tent and also a ride to the park
We went out early last Tuesday, immediately after breakfast. We spent about an hour on the ride and someone took a picture of the stroller and the kitties. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday with Rezki

We have been trying to remind Rez that calmness and peace are good things to have in a family and he has been learning this quite well. He has taken to telling stories to the 2 boys which all of them enjoy. Yesterday he sat with both grandma and Cousin R.
Then he decided to give me some of his attention as well.

Fern about Rezki: He also said thank you for the ride (I brought all 4 of them out last Saturday morning). He's proud that you saw them all be nice and calm together. He said he talked to Tanaka again about his adventures in the old day. (I am glad he realises that he is in a better situation and its a different life that he has now). Bujang also enjoyed the story. SO I asked him to do this again as it bonds them togather. He said some parts that Poppy overheard him and she said he was exaggerating. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


As usual on the 4 Oct this year, Fern helped us to reach Megat to ask him what has been happening. Last year, he told us that he was already on his way back (!!!) Woah! I thought it would take years to  do this (Totoro is still not sure where he will be any time soon). Last year, he showed Fern that he would be back as a black cat still although he was disappointed and a little sad that he would be back as a commcat. He gave a picture of him rustling around some bins. I was very disappointed and I remembered being quite upset as he had such a hard life and now he would still have hard life somewhere where I could not even help him. But I thought that I would ask again this year only to be told that I actually had him in my house and now he was somewhere else again.
and seems this is Megat in the guise of a cute black female kitty Ren. When we had Ren in our house for that one day, Fern told me that Ren may be Megat in spirit but I was not so sure. So I sent her to board at another place and had of course kept up with her activities and made sure that she is comfortable and safe where she was. It did surprise me when we first got her that she appeared from nowhere and there were no notices for a kitten where she was found and door to door searches brought nothing. Was it merely coincidence or fate that brought Ren to my cousin's door and for my cousin to be the one who found her?

I can only say that she is now adopted into a loving family with her own bff and she has grown into a lovely and very loving kitty. When she was a younger kitty, she was already giving the boarder nose kisses at every moment. Megat did also say some years ago that when he comes back he would come back as a healthy kitty so he would have a better life (although he did tell me that life with me was pretty special already). I am a little sad that he is not with me but I am happy that he is not alone and uncared for, living the life of a commcat. Megat also understoold from our communications previously that the house was kind of 'crowded' already.
Rezki: Yes Megat. It is my time now with san. You stay with your new family please.

ps. I know for some the idea of reincarnation may seem a little fat-fetched but it has given me some comfort nevertheless.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Monday Mood

Zzzzzzzz....and a soft breeze

Friday, October 05, 2018


Where is Rezki you may ask. He is in the study as both girls are outside and he may get in trouble if he steps out even for a bit.