Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rezki as the sitter-on-clothes cat

Here I was sitting on san's clothes yesterday. They were newly ironed and crisp. I like sitting on her clothes.
This morning, as usual I was on san's bed waiting for her to dress for work. san goes to work very early in the morning and I enjoy being on the warm bed. I saw her put her clothes on the bed and it moved about because of the fan blowing on it. it looked like an animal and so I sat on it and bit it. san told me not to be so rough as I would tear it and where would she and I be then?

But I have decided that I would be san's new sitter-on-clothes cat as she needs my help when she is dressing. If not, her nice, warm clothes would fall off the bed. I am a very helpful kitty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ren's Trial Adoption

Last Sunday, the boarder at which Ren was staying paid a visit to the potential adopter's house. She took some pictures Ren which showed her being free and enjoying herself. She has chosen her person (one of the 2 children of the adopter's) and her toys as well. She is sterilised, FIV/FeLV negative and had her kitten vax and booster already so she is good to go.
Here she is in her cat cave with the little stuffed toy that we had given her on the first day she came to our house. The cat cave was bought for her by the trial family. I hope she gets to stay as if not it will break her heart.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Reframing is always a good thing

Our TGIF picture today is about the new tree that san bought for us as our stuff was old and falling apart. But we didn't like the new one as it was shaking too much for us and the seat was too tall although san tried to give us a firmer foothold. 

So after a few days of us ignoring it, san decided to dismantle the tree and we got two separate piecses. One to replace Tanaka's old seat which was falling to pieces. After a few hours, he decided he liked this one too as it gave him the same view of the outside.
The other one replaced our old scratcher. Now we have a humongous one. Rez likes it too and he sits there most times, trying to catch us unawares.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cat in a box

san bought us a new scratcher from Lazada, an online shopping site because she didn't think we would like tiny scratchers. She bought two of the same and taped them together to make one big one. I don't like horizontal scratchers but I love this box. It also has pictures of cats on them. san placed a nice pillowcase in it and a small pillow  for me to use as a head rest. Its the best place to sit on hot days.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday with Rezki

It so hot these days that I like sitting here on grandma's leather sofa. The pillows smell of family and so I like them. In the afternoon Amazon Akira is not here as she likes sitting under the table, near Poppy. San bought a new ceiling fan that actually circulates air so its very cool and breezy as well. 

Thursday, August 09, 2018

National Day 2018

san told us that today Singapore is 53 years old. We told her she is older that that but we love her more. Then we relaxicated the day away. Bujang told san he is 15 this year and that means he is older than san. But numbers are nothing we said. What matters is we are home.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Meet Ren

Ren was an abandoned kitten my cousin found 6 months ago, when she was just a month old. My cousin heard meowing and finally saw her near the lift. This was a strange place to find a kitten and so she went around looking for the guardian to no avail. So she brought her to me and when she came all she did was sleep in Ms Akira's cage. At dinner, she ate a whole can and went back to sleep. I then called a boarder to ask if she would board Ren and so she has been living there for a while now.

The boarder reported that Ren is a sweetheart and gives small kitten kisses. She likes  laps and now has many friends amongst the kittens boarding there. The boarder loves her but as she already has many cats and as most of them are senior cats, Ren could not live with her at all.
Ren is now 5 months and is already sterilised and free of FIV and Felv. She is active and loves boxes and is the best friend of Haidar, a special needs kitty. I am pleased to report that last night, the boarder asked me if Ren can stay with her husband's family whose 16 year old cat died of natural causes. Please keep your fingers crossed that Ren would have a new home next month.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Easy Peasy Sunday

Our Easy Peasy picture for today was taken this morning when the day was cooler. I brought Bujang out for a short walk and he had a good time examining the corridor garden belonging to the neigbours. Tanaka also went for a short walk and enjoyed the smell of  soil in the pots, not so much the plants. The other three just relaxicated in the house as they do not enjoy the outside. I think Popps and Rez have had enough of the outside (once Popps told Fern that 'it is a hard life outside') and Akira has never enjoyed the outside even when she was a kitten. 
I had not brought him out to walk as he had the intermittent sneezes for a few months and I did not want him to breathe in more dust from outside. But he really loved this garden and scrutinised every leaf. 

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Bujang on Saturday

Bujang had to go to the vet this morning. He had been sneezing intermittently for about 4 months and has mucus as well. I got him an appointment with his vet and he had to fast for at least 6 hours in case they have to mildly sedated him for X-rays. But luck was on our side and he allowed the vet to look into his mouth and to also examine his face. The vet can feel no abnormality on his face and his mouth was also healthy apart from the slight inflammation of his upper gums (the result of his teeth extraction 2 months ago. The vet assured me that there was no cause for worry and Bujang was sent home with a compunded antibiotic and lysine. He ate his antibiotics and lysine with good grace. After 2 weeks if he is still sneezing he needs to go back and the vet would take some X-rays.