Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Mood

             Acceptance ...maybe

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

      I am thankful I got to go for several walks this week. The days were not too hot and San and I walked in the mornings. 
Popps: I am thankful that my eyes are no longer red. San thinks it's the dryer that we have in the house. Last Thursday the repairman came and cleaned up the whole machine and after that my eyes were much better. 
Akira: I am thankful that for the whole week I got to walk about in the morning. San put Tanaka in the room where he can't disturb me. But he gets out when San comes home but San is always about and would remind him to leave me alone. 
I am not thankful that I have to stay in the room in the morning. I am always curious as to what goes on outside. But I am thankful that I get to go for morning rides in the carrier as well. There are many things happening outside. 

This morning the family was involved in a charity drive to provide 400 school going children with school bags and school paraphernalia for 2016. All in all everyone has had a thankful week. 

Friday, November 27, 2015


This morning these 2 decided to share the space by the window. It was breezy in the morning. I hope they both have more good times together. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bujang and Grandma

 Bujang at 4 weeks with grandma        Bujang at 10 years old with grandma

Bujang and grandma having a private conversation

Grandma likes to tell stories about taking care of Bujang when he was 4 weeks. I brought him home in a box having rescued him from drowning in a drain. He was one of 4 kittens. as grandma was (at that time) adamant that we should not have any animals in the house, I just brought one home so we would not be overwhelmed. The other 3 kittens were brought home by my good friend, who had experience with taking care of kittens and her house had a garden which would allow 3 kittens a lot of space. Grandma likes to tell stories about feeding him from a  tiny bottle, patting his back afterwards and hearing him burp. She also likes to tell stories about feeding him from a little spoon when he refused food. 

Bujang loves grandma and would sit with her listening to her chat. She is the only one he allows to touch his back. At 10 years old, he is still listening to her old stories about him :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Just Because

            Akira at acupuncture
She relaxes almost immediately when she gets onto the table. In Dec she would have done TCM for a little more than a year. Her fur has not grown very much but she has not bitten through her skin for many months already which was the original concern. Because she has grown so much in confidence I am able to have her in the soft collars 5 days a week. This helps as well in protecting her fur from getting pulled out when she grooms. There is a soft down on her previously nude parts which is good to see. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Mood


This morning I got to be the one who is outside in the morning. It was strange  but I got to sit with San in the morning. Yesterday Tanaka hit me on the behind again even though he was told many times not to be so naughty. San thought if he understands what it feels like in the room he would be a better kitty with me. 

San asked Fern to explain it to him as he thought otherwise he would be confused and not know why he was there. 

Tanaka: he was mixed with guilt and some playfulness when talked to him. I reminded him not to chase and disturb A. Also I let him know new arrangement. He felt bit surprised and unhappy though he knows why. He said A so uptight. And after that he stopped talking to me. Healed him with focus more on emotion. He was quiet. 

Akira: She said T was teasing her and asked if she was ok with him now? Then she got annoyed and afraid he would disturb her and then he did. She felt he never left her alone and became stressed. I told her of new arrangement. She felt relieved and thanked you for doing this for her. I healed her mind to calm her too but can feel she felt it's unexpected though not scared now.

Bujang: He said he tried to stop T by warning him but the boy just too naughty so he couldnt do anything much. I asked him try to talk to T. He said he talked to A to comfort her already. 

I don't know why he is so naughty San. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Easy

     Begins with a few warm blankets
      Maybe a short walk downstairs 
Quiet time by the window to snoopervise the gurls from a point of safety
         Napping at a favorite seat

Friday, November 20, 2015



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tanaka's Gotcha Day

Tanaka wearing his new birthday collar and waiting for treats. 

Today is my Gotcha Day. I am 8 years old. I came to live wif San since I was 8 weeks. I fink I make my home much more lively as I am energetic and full of life. San said full of shenanigans but she is wrong. I am wearing my birthday gooodpetcollar but San modified some things and now the collar stays as it should. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mood

We have been walking downstairs more these past few weeks. Bujang. Tanaka and even Popps ventured downstairs for a change in scenery. However last Saturday, Popps absolutely refused to wear her harness and I was very puzzled. I tried (probably for much longer than I should) and she struggled and scratched me. Then Bujang actually hit her on her behind and she became very quiet. I was able to put her down gently and all of us rested for a bit. However, the whole of Sunday afternoon, Popps decided to just stay in the kitchen.

Last night, as usual, they had Reiki and conversations with Fern.
Poppy: She said she wanna go for walks or in trolley but doesn't want to go back to her old place anymore.

Fern: She gave me an unsettling/reluctant feeling when telling me this. And she doesn't like to wait to go out as 2nd or 3rd. I told B has to go first as we all show him respect in that sense. She listens and softened. 

Poppy: She said she was sorry she hurt you yesterday and feels bad about it. But still has slight upset.

Bujang:  He said he was happy. I asked him if he hit p's bottom. He said yes, no one can hurt you (if he is there) He thanked you for walking him. His back feels fine.

I thought I should only bring Popps out at the end of the week to allow her to calm down for a bit. But I am grateful that Bujang feels the need to protect me and that Popps is fine. She still thinks she should be first in all things but she is learning slowly that inside living is just as complicated as outside living, although much more safe.

And finally...
CODY - living the life of an indoor kitty

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday Mood

We have been trying to get Bujang to relax so his back would hurt less. It seems finally he is beginning to realize this. 

Bujang: He told me he understands better now that he should become wiser and calmer so that the kitties will respect him. He said he would try to do that with P, not to trouble her. He seemed very gentleman-ish as he spoke like that. I told him we know he is very good and wise. On a seoarste note, he said the laundry from upstairs neighbors flew past yr unit the other day and he loved to watch it. He was peaceful before and after the healing. He felt contented. 

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

Good Sunday Everyone. Our week has been good and non hazy. There was only one yelling incident between Akira and Tanaka and that's about it. All in all excellent. 
I am getting used to my new doll although we are not great friends yet. San is a little worried that my tummy is a little redder than usual as a result of No Collar Sunday. She told me she was going to monitor the situation. 
I am doing a little better for No Collar Sunday. Actually No Collar Sunday begins on Saturday night. After out TCM San would not put the big collars on us. Instead we have our usual cat collars. So we get a whole Saturday night and the whole of Sunday. We only have our big collars again on Sunday night. 
I did not know what came over my sisfur Akira yesterday. I was just peering at her and she got into such a fit and jumped offur san's lap to pounce on me. I was so afraid I had to hide under the table. 
I think it was about time that Akira stood up for herself. If she does not tell Tanaka off, he would always bully her. I was glad she scolded him yesterday. But as usual I was on guard and would have helped her if she needed it. But she didn't so I went back to sleep. 

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday Easy

I asked Fern to tell him that he should not bite my cheeks or my chin when he sniffs at me at night. He has taken to sniffing me before he sleeps or get ready for his night snuggle. It could be pretty painful as well. 

He had this to say about it:

T said then how would u know he loves you? (if not bite)? i said kiss kiss and sniff sniff are ok and that way Mummy knows. He said you smell good he feels like biting (love bite: happens a lot in cats to their humans ).

I think he may be smelling treats as I usually give them treats before bed time. 

Friday, November 06, 2015


   She looks chubby here, all squashed up at acupuncture yesterday. 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Thursday Tweet

T: We're preparing fur TGIF tomorrow. I told San I will just sit on top offur my crocodile to be safe from my sisfur Bossy Boots. She may fink the big teef is mine and leave me alone. 
B: This orange cat is a strange one. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

Yup. I did very well on No Collar Sunday. I did have a few red welts but San said they were not too bad. Not bad enough to cancel No Collar Sunday at least. 

Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday Mood


San was surprised that the word is now in the Oxford dictionary. Its listed as
/ˈlɛpak/Lepaking is from the Malay word 'lepak'. It means to stretch out and just relax with no worries. It can be used as a verb or adjective. However, it does not need to mean 'lazy' as listed in the dictionary. It almost always means 'just taking your time relaxing.'

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

This Sunday San thought she would have us tell you our philosophy. Or if we have yet to think about it, San would write on our behalf. 

But first we thank San for our 
This is our second week. Although we know San looks at us anxiously as she thinks we will lick our fur bald in one day, we thank her for letting us have this day. 

Now for the rest of the entries. 
This is because he was chased by Popps three times last week for being 'irritating'. 
Cos last week she 'lost her cool' with Tanaka. She got 'fed up' with his questions. 
Bujang's last say to everybody last week. He told Fern that he had already reminded Tanaka to think before he acts.
       Have a good Sunday everybody. 

ps. We hope our good friend Fern is in less pain today. She has a slip disc although we think it's worse than our brother Bujang's. At least Bujang can walk about. Rest well Fern.