Thursday, April 02, 2015

Tanaka Thursday

        I am NOT pleased. 

This is how Tanaka takes his TCM everyday. I bought him a new 'boy' bib as he would salivate quite a lot. The blue towel is to catch the TCM that he would sometimes spit out. 
He used to have to use this girly bib before that I used to make Megat wear for his meds. His face shows all that he feels about bib wearing and TCM- he is long suffering. 

Now of course I do not need someone else to help me hold him. He knows that the towel and bib signal TCM and he listens well to the request to 'sit still and all paws on the ground.' Once he hears this, he sits quietly even if I have to leave him for a minute to get the warm water to clean him up. He is a very clever kitty for sure. 


Kari said...

You look very manly in your new bib, Tanaka. Maybe not happy but very manly. And what a wonderful boy you are. Mum wishes we would behave so well. Hugs from us.

Eileen and Jessica said...

We like your new bib, Tanaka. And mum is getting ideas for me! Meow from Jessica