Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday as usual

What? I thought we would have no more flash boxes! I think its time to run...again...
Medicine time...

Since Toro is going for his haircut to the groomer's today, I thought I should give him his meds in the am. The kitties are usually much calmer. Toro waited quite long and Megat was actually quite cooperative with his sang hwang mixture. Then he decided to wait for Toro to finish. This is the first time since 2 weeks ago that Megat decided to wait as he had been trying to run away from morning meds. His last Alutab pill was Saturday really and so he had one day with no meds. I think that is why he decided to give me a chance :)

He is not vomitting anymore but I decided to get his CANIGEST anyway as it helps him with his digestion and tummy. Toro has Pro Kaolin to prevent him from vomitting too. We will be taking Bujang for his booster FIV vaccination tomorrow - finally.

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