Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Mood

I don't really need the TCM. I can heal myself San... really.....

I have to give the TCM to Popps by hand, just like we give it to Tanaka and Akira. I tried putting it in her raw chicken but she refused to eat food. She takes to the medicine quite readily after the few initial misadventures. Of cos she is also very strong and would suddenly try to make a break for it. All in all I am still surprised she would even sit still long enough to take the meds but grateful that she is. 


Kari said...

What a good kitty you are! Our Mum has told us we should be braveabouttaking medicine like you are.
You look so cute in your bib! What a great idea using one. Love and hugs .

Katie Isabella said...

Is that precious girl wearing her bib?