Friday, July 03, 2015



Cody (or Jeffery that was) was a happy kitty last night when we went to see him at his home. He was under the table watching us and his mom said it has become his favourite spot. He was relaxed, just lazing about after dinner. 

He had some initial problems with adjusting to a new house, being uncertain about his place and being bullied by his sister Halley. But he learnt very fast to avoid her when she hissed at him and spent much of the time just minding his own business, being his calm, independent self. These days however, he would sometimes give her a light slap on her butt if she walked past him. 

So even though they are still adjusting, his mom said he is very lovable, calm and funny and of course being very handsome, helps a lot. He is like "eye candy". We know his mom and dad would take very good care of him as his mom had worked very hard to keep him with her. He still had some sniffles, even with the change of litter, so his mom will be bringing him to the vet to get it seen to and also to microchip him. 

His mom said it was okay for us to show all of them together, so we made this announcement yesterday in our FB account. "ADOPTED", with love. 

Cody and his glamorous fetch-playing 2 year-old sister


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

That is the best, best, BEST news! We are so happy for Jeffrey as was, Cody as is! We hope his life will now be filled with love and happiness.

We did not know you have a Facebook page. Can we be your friends? There is a closed Facebook group called The Poupounette which we would be delighted to have you join, if you would like, and #1 is also on FB and posts many photos.

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Great news!! Cody's life will be better, thanks to San.

Eileen and Jessica said...

This is wonderful news! We are so happy for Jeffrey(Cody) and we think his new mum and dad and big sister are blessed to have Jeffry in the family. From Jessica

Kari said...

Answered prayers! We are overjoyed! This is the most wonderful news! Both family and kitty are blessed to have each other. I always laughs it when people say their cats have spats. Think of human siblings, they're always having spats. And childhood friends have spats. So cats and dogs will have them too.
Congratulations to Jeffrey and his new family. May they be blessed.