Sunday, October 05, 2014

Remembering Megat

Yesterday was the first anniversary for our rainbow kitty Megat. As usual on the anniversary we usually have Fern speak to speak with him. I found this picture of him sitting near the window at his favourite box. He was a cat who loved a breeze and quiet times. I remembered feeding him downstairs when he was still a community cat. I used to shake my keys and I would wait for the very shrill meows that would emanate from the cavern that was the carpark and in about a minute, I would see a tiny ball of black fur, dirty but determined. He could eat a whole can of food all by himself, never mind the cockroaches that would fight him for the food! Then after some months, he decided to follow me home  step after determined step. He stayed with me for 5 years after that until he went to the bridge and cleaned up pretty well except for some of the scars on his face, the result of fights. 
We spent a lot of time with him sleeping on my chest while he dealt with lymphoma. I sang him lullabies and read him silly essays which I was grading. He had to sit still for about 20 minutes for the lingzhi suppository to take effect. He was not always pleased but to his credit, he tried to sit still until the dinner call "6 o'clock Megat. Time to eat!" Then no amount of cuddling was going to stop him from his favourite - tuna with chicken. 
It's time to post what Fern, our animal communicator friend, spoke to him about yesterday on his anniversary. The request surprised me but I think what cats think will always surprise me.

(Images of where he is) Sitting in grass by a stream curiously watching fish in the water. Very pleasant day, nice breeze and clear sky. Later he walked to a tree nearby and jumped up to a branch and sitting there. 
(Images of what he wants) A thick plank of wood, something to do with the plant pit that has his urn inside. He said to help raise his pot up a bit higher. And another request is about the grass that he used to chew. ( oh dear.... This is much harder than fish on a stick)
He said Totoro is further away, (image) Toro calmly crouching under another tree, looking at the surrounding. 
He said he saw Putih in your house and said its nice that you saved her. He didn't say he knew Putih but he said he knew that Putih's life is similar to his, in the sense that she had to fend for herself all alone, and that's tough. 
He said he likes it if you talk to him by putting your palm around his plant pot and feel him inside it. 
Megat's urn is in the pot on the right with the plants with big leaves. Toro's jasmine pot is the one on the left.
               Sleep well Megat. 


Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful person to have adopted him and taken care of him before his passing. He was much loved.

meowmeowmans said...

We will always remember our friend Megat. How special that Fern is able to talk with him, and that he is happy and at peace.

Hugs to you all as you remember your special mancat.

Eileen said...

We miss you Megat but we are happy to know you and sending San love. Meow from Jessica

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mommy has tears. She remembers Megat well. So do I. We are together many times playing. Love to you from both Megat and me.