Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday walk

Bujang sniffing closely at some dry bits of grass...
He has learnt to train his nails on this big tree...

Late Sunday afternoon was hot but we made our way down as Bujang wanted to walk. It was a quiet day ad Bujang sniffed at dry grass and ate some. There was a faint smell of insecticide and so I brought him to the other side of this grass patch.

Minah made an appearance but sat far away from us. When Bujang saw her, he wanted to go towards her and strained at his leash but of course I didn't let them near each other as that could be quite upsetting for the both of them.

We heard some noises and Bujang looked up. We saw a neighbour and her kid pointing down at us and laughing. Hmm...I guess we do make a very strange pair on Sunday morning:)

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