Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vet Visit

The boys were excited to see a new carrier outside...Tanaka jumped into it almost immediately
The two boys after the visit...

Toro getting a well-deserved rest after his vet experience...

I made this appointment almost a week ago but this morning when I arrived at T, the reception asked me if I had an appointment. Shocked I told him who I spoke to and he then checked the computer. Then he told me that I had made an appointment at B and not T! Oh-Oh...

But as no one else was waiting he said I should just wait and he would register us. He also said many other people had made this mistake as the practice has clinics in quite a few places. When we were waiting, a couple came out with their dog and they started talking about Bujang as iIsaw them looking at him. "Where did you get your cat?" the man asked me. I told him that Bujang is just a street cat and has no pedigree :) He seemed surprised as he told me that he has never seen a street cat so big! Come to think of it, many people have asked me if I had brought in Bujang from overseas!

Dr H (from Pretoria) saw both Toro and Bujang for their check-ups. I was not able to schedule their annual check-up last December and so that was why we were there this morning. Bujang hissed at him and so he was very wary of Bujang. I asked him if it was possible to trim Bujang's nails but he was reluctant. He did not want to stress out Bujang even more. I totally understand why Dr H was not eager to come anywhere near those nails :)

He very quickly checked Bujang's teeth (strong and white), his eyes (very bright), his ears (very clean), his heart (beating very strong), his paws and nails (as long as his teeth) and his other vitals. He also remarked that Bujang is a very muscular for a sterilised cat. I must admit Bujang is muscular and strong although I really have no idea why he is that muscular. Maybe it was a combination of diet and all that milk and exercise he had when he was younger. Finally Dr H advised me I should try to re-condition him and offer him his fav treats and try to cut one nail a day. But I should not stress him out with the nail-cutting and should just try one at a time, not ten. He did however manage to cut one of Bujang's lethal nails at the end :)

Then it was Toro's turn. I was worried about his UTI and so after Dr H had checked all his vitals and pronounced him beautiful and healthy, he set out to feel Toro's bladder. He told me that the bladder was no swollen but he would do a urine test just to be sure to see if there are crystals or blood. He was about to use the needle when his assistant said that Toro had urinated on the exam table. Toro did not look stressed or surprised. Dr H laughed and said that it was not often that a cat would oblige so quickly. He also said that Toro urinated because he was holding onto Toro's bladder quite firmly for the needle.

After tests, I was glad to see that there is no blood in his urine and his Ph is 6.5. Dr H said that this was no cause for worry eventhough a cat's optimal Ph for urine should be between 6.1 to 6.3. There were also no crystals in his urine. This was a great relief as Dr l had told me to allow Toro to eat wet food but Toro does not like wet food at all. He prefers dry and more than that he prefers Megat's renal diet.

Dr H's parting words for us was to get Toro to eat dry food with some salmon or beef. Oh yeah! I don't think Toro would even look at that!

After that, we stopped at the pet groomer, which was a few doors down from the vet and so Toro had a good bath and clean-up :)

It was agood day at the vet's for all.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i had a hamster called Hamie years ago. she was rather huge for a Syrian hamster and i was often asked if she's a rat! hahahahahahahahaha.......

all i can say was Hamie had a very healthy and good diet, not fussy with good food at all. but my current adopted hamster (Ah Ham, a runaway hamster into my friend's house) isn't so. LOL

cat_aunty said...

glad to hear that all the kitties are healthy and well....spencer would run and hide at the sound of the carrier being taken out from the store room!