Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's New Wednesday

What's new? Nuffing is new in this house except san is furry busy these past few days with setting papers for exams. I don't know why human beans have to sit for big tests. Isn't it enough to enjoy life and sit around just chillin? I am furry glad I am a cat and don't have to sit for tests and exams. I just have one I go to every year and THAT is enough!
san thought we should just show what we were doing all week. san took these pikshurs all of last week but she didn't have time to blog. This was us last Sunday :) We were just chillin!

I spent some time wif my bruffer Bujang looking at the day. We sat together for a short time. It is not always that he sits wif me and so I was glad. So was san :)

Bujang and my sisfur Ms Akira are very fond of each other and they keep each offur company. They were together many months before the rest of us came to live wif san. Ms Akira likes him a lot but she doesn't like any offur us as much. I wonder why that is? (no san. It is not because I am naughty! I am just curious!)

Bujang and Ms Akira saw a pigeon outside our window last Sunday! They were furry excited! I was outside as I am not allowed to be near Ms Akira but san told me all about the pigeon. I would have gotten the bird!

Our last pikshur is of my bruffer Toro. he had a haircut and is now not so hot all the time. He feels much better and runs about jumping on stuff. I fink he is much happier being cooler! san says she will blog later in the week when her job gets done :) I should hope so as I like visiting offur cats too. We really ahve to get on san! Hurry up!

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Thanks for the great update, Tanaka-Chan! We missed you!

You are quite right about exams, and #1 says she agrees too!

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