Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOS Saturday

WHAT! That was very bad! We should call the police!
(Bujang had a dangerous episode of being nearly drowned before we rescued him and his 3 siblings)
I do not remember life being dangerous. I am safe wif san !

Cousin R rescued Tanaka when he was a little kitty of abandonment by some little boys because their mother decided they could not keep the kitty that they had rescued from somewhere else.
Oh dear! I am lucky not to be in Jeffery Boy's paws!

Toro's first people decided to give him up as he was naughty and fought with two other cats in the household. He came to our house unsterilised and with ear mites and fur mites! He must have had a miserable time trying to scratch all the mites out of his ears.
Yes life is very dangerous outside. I made a good choice of following san home!
Jeffery Boy who loves cars and sitting on bonnets!

I was told yesterday that a resident from where Jeffrey Boy hangs out had made 2 complaints to one of the caregivers. It seems Jeffrey Boy (Terror Kitty as was) loved sitting on his car bonnet and of course scratching his car in the process. Last week it seemed he had threatened to relocate the kitty and told the caregiver he would not tell her where he had relocated him so she would not be able to find him! When she told him Jeffrey B may get hurt if the area is already populated by other cats or die of hunger if he could not find food, this man said that it was not his business. So if the caregiver could not find Jeffrey Boy one of these days, then it meant he would have relocated him. "Cats like these know how to find food. They would eat grass!" he said (it seemed).

When the caregiver suggested that he park his car on another level, he said she was out of her mind!

I think that was a perfectly reasonable suggestion. However there are many people who think that when cats sit on car bonnets, they scratch the car with their nail when they stretch. I do not know the truth of this, having no car myself. But I should think the danger of a cat's nails making any dent on a car would be minimal. I had advised the caregiver to see where the man lives or at least get the license no as he had made this threat, although I should think she would have to make a police report since he had threatened the cat and in this way threatened her as well. 'Blackmail" is the word!

However before things escalate, I was advised to find him a temporary place to stay for at least a month. By then we hope his car bonnet sitting days would be forgotten. Maybe we can re-locate him to Minah's block. But I have no way of ensuring he does not go back to his car bonnet sitting days :(

Anyway we may have a place for him today if things go well. Wish us luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking after JB. JB sat the car bonnet as it had been raining recently & the bonnet was warm. Most cats would sit under the car than on the car. Keeping fingers crossed that all would be well soon.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

We are crossing all paws that you will find a good solution.

#1's big Jaguar is almost permanently covered in paw marks because both Basha and Manoush, our two neighbour kitties, love to saunter into our garage and sit on the car. She is proud of these marks!

The Chans