Monday, November 08, 2010

Bujang Outside

Bujang resting on our new couch. There is already a white mark on it, made by yours truly himself.
The evening was very cool and the colours much brighter. I was very pleased to be able to bring Bujang downstairs two days in a row as the corridor although nice was not very challenging or him.
He sat on the cool grass looking at birds...
I saw a nice pigeon feather which I decided to leave well alone. I remembered once Cousin R brought the amigos a large feather and they played with it, only for me to find the hard part in Bujang's vomit! I knew it was Bujang as it had some grass in it. He had eaten the feather! It was a lucky thing that he had then vomitted the whole thing out.
Bujang sniffed at me for good measure. I'm sure the vet clinic smells were vastly different from grass!
He also trampled on some sticks and peered at a child going home from school.
Then he saw a small snail but it didn't hold his attention for very long. By then school was out and there were many students running and yelling home so we decided to make a quick getaway ourselves :) It was a good day out even so.


Anonymous said...

One white mark? Your cats are such well-behaving cats...angels ;)

san said...

Actually they had demolished our previous couch :)