Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ms Akira and I

Ms Akira and I almost always spend the last hours before we sleep together. She would make long singing demands and follow me everywhere until I finally sit with her at the computer and we would spend a quiet hour or two here. Once here, she would settle herself quietly and purr and sometimes groom me, as though reminding me that my standards of hygiene could be better :). Then I would give her some treats and then everyone would get some sleep :)) It is our nightly routine. It also reminds me that she needs more than this as she likes people and interacting with people and Bujang of course.

So I have tried to give her some morning time, usually one hour out from her room. After the boys are sequestered in my bedroom, Ms Akira gets the run of the house and once she has decided she has had enough, she would settle in her own room quietly. Then its the boys' turn. Sometimes when we open the door in the afternoon, she doesn't go outside at all, eventhough she knows the boys would not be troubling her.

She is a quiet kitty who likes a quiet life, not one that includes a cranky 14 year old, a busybody ginger cat and a naughty but clueless persian-cross.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

It is always lovely when an owner actually thinks seriously about how to make each and every kitty in the house happy. We know that Akira is surely very grateful for the consideration she gets.

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Ms Akira is a sweetie. I noticed that cats-who-had-been-thru-alot are the ones who are contented with a quiet simple life. That should apply to Megat too ;)