Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Morning Inspection

Don't fink I am lazing about. I did a lot of work this morning and am resting for a bit. Anyway I also fink this is a good pikshur offur me for you this morning. The rest? They did some work but not as much as me.
Bujang just decided to look out offur the window. He said he was on lookout duty. I don't fink he was serious about it, unlike me.
san said Ms Akira also did her job. She showed me this pikshur but I do not think so. She was just looking out of the gate. I fink she was dreaming...not doing her duty to protect us!
Now I did more fings like looking for bugs behind san's computer. There may be many bugs there. san says I will not be able to see or smell the bug in the computer but I don't think so. A bug is a bug!
I also tried to see if there are bugs under the table. san has many books under it and I know there would be bugs! See, I was the only one doing any real work and deserve to rest :)))

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