Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally News

We are sorry we have been MIA for a long time. Work and hospital have taken up much of our time but by Friday, we should be able to blog much more frequently as grandma will be back from hospital.
I have been a nice kitty and not given san much trouble. Do not let san tell you that I tried to bully Toro all the time. I was just trying to be friendly and to convince him to stand up for himself instead of making san save him all the time. But he does not listen to me and insists on doing his own thing :)
On a personal front, I had coughed twice this month. The last time was on Saturday and san was very worried. But I tried to butt her hand to tell her its okay. We then sat together to watch TV. I like the quiet times with san and my bruffer Toro although I don't think he likes me all that much.
See? We are bruffers after all.

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