Friday, October 01, 2010

Eh...who is this cat?

Eh? Who is this cat?
Its Megat in his new striped carrier...looking at the a dog and his owner from behind the glass window of hospital...
Megat: When will Dr L see me? its already 4.30!
Megat resting on grandma's blanket with Bujang after his review.

Dr L was pleased to see Megat after so long. He said his hello and he weighed Megat, who is now 4.59 kg! He looked at Megat's records as it was 3 months ago that we came and asked the usual questions. Then he checked Megat again for lumps and said , "NONE!" It seems even his kidneys were smooth, with no awkward ridges or bumps!

"Do as what you had always done. DO NOT change anything!" Dr L said, "14! Wow. This cat is growing strong but he is very expensive." I agreed of cos. Then he gave Megat Laurabolin for his joints.

So immediately, when he stepped into the house, he lay on the floor to rest. Then he boxed Toro, threatened Bujang (therefore he got grandma's blanket) and make a move to slap Tanaka! Aieee!!

I did ask Dr L about holistic meds for cats with Leukemia but he said the lingzhi is not so effective to help with this illness. he just had one cat called Lucky who died of it last week. The lingzhi it seems works wonders with lymphoma and cancers and only 4 of his patients did not do well on it. Most of his patients, like Megat, do very well.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Three cheers for Megat!!! It is so wonderful to see that there are those who do get well, despite terrible odds. Stay strong, Megat!

Thank you for asking Dr.L. We will certainly keep the Lingzhi in mind if we hear of cats with lymphoma and cancers, and we will mention it to our own Dr.C.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Megat is doing fine. Keep it up Megat and stay healthy for years and years.
Our 17yr old kidney cat gets monthly injectable laurabolin (I bring home the syringes)-it is an anabolic steriod. It stimulates appetite and helps to build up muscle tone. See Tanya's Feline crf info centre.
For joints, there's glucosamine or celadrin or oral hyaluronic acid or a combination. Presently my arthritic cat does well on a combination of the last 2, one is not enough. She is now able to walk & run and lead a normal life. Both are Dr L's patients.

Anonymous said...

I met Lucky at the clinic often. It was called Lucky to give much needed "luck" to the ex-stray cat tested Felv+. Lucky's owner gave/tried almost everything to help Lucky live + Lucky was a fighter. Lucky had good mths of remission & lived about a year after diagnosis. It was a pretty young cat i think.

auntie p said...

Happy for Megat and the amigos. :)