Monday, October 25, 2010

Vet Visit for Totoro

His monthly blood test came and went yesterday. The results were not good but at least he was not carted off to hospital.
Dr T said he should take the Fortekor for his blood pressure, added to the concoction that he alreday has.

His indicators are high for his creatinine - 2.6 compared to 1.8 in September. His BUN is also higher. At least his PCV is going strong. Dr T recommended 3X Sub Q instead of twice a week and now he needs to change the hartmanns for sodium chloride 0.9%. His calcium indicator is also high and as he already has calcium deposits in his kidneys, it was a little worrying for me.

September tests...
Dr T told me he was sorry that the news was not brighter. I told him that it was not good but it was certainly not bad. It would only be bad if he had told me to bring Toro to hospital asap as he did in August. We will just have to monitor him. He has to go to the vet again in 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Toro is not at peak form. We give daily 1/2 tab Fortekor5 to our senior kidney cats for many years. My elderly dog has it for his heart problem. Toro has calcium oxalate crystals/stones in his kidneys? This is the tough one. Good news is that Dr P is back at a***, she did ultrasound for my dog. She's good, happy to see her.

KXBC said...

XX takes half a tab of Fortekor everyday as well. It is expensive at $60+ per box of 28 tabs.

You can actually get it off the web but it will need a prescription from your vet (must be certified to be able to practise in the UK). Now that the GBP is cheaper, it makes sense. I am trying to get that too.

His BUN has raisen too. If you don't sub-Q him, does he get dehydrated?

Anonymous said...

Any idea how to get cheaper Fortekor5? Not sure that local vet prescription wld be accepted by overseas online pharmacies. I need 3 tabs Fortekor a day (5 senior kidney cats & senior dog). Was told that enalapril works as well but Fortekor is especially for animal treatment.