Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just Because

Its Christmas, I have decided that I should post for us. san just came back home from Malacca and she said I should post as today's Just Because pikshur, I mean picture is mine ..ahemmm. As you can see I have used my 'look' at san many times before and this morning I give thanks that I got fresh wheat grass from this. :)
We also got a group picture for Christmas. san took this throughout the day and as you can see we have been rather lazy this Christmas. But Tanaka said he was thankful that he gets as many scritches as he wants and Toro says that he wants to give thanks for all the time that he had tried to hide from san when it came to medicine and she gave him the medicine anyway. I told Toro that the medicine was good for him and he believed me as I am his big bruffer. Megat just wants to give thanks for good breezes and sunshine. Ms Akira just likes sitting on san's lap at the computer.
We also give thanks that the Wild Bunch including JeffreyBoy were in good spirits and had a good Christmas dinner in peace.

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