Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Gotcha Day

My Gotcha Day was 18 October 2004. This makes me 7 years and some months.

This was my first pikshur when I looked right at san's camera. This was taken 4 days after I arrived at san's house.

On my 1st day, san broughted me home in a cardboard box and grandma took care of me when san went out to the pet shop to buy me a cage, a litter tray, some toys and cat's milk. That little cat was my favourite sleeping buddy.
Then san fed me every 2 hours because I was a hungry kitty. (san says I am still noisy now when I am hungry). But I think a cat needs to remind her human to be on her toes always. san says I was very helpful when I was little and would help her and grandma to hold the bottle. But they had to make me drink from a little saucer later when I tried to eat the nipple of my bottle. I was a good kitty and drank my milk and took my vitamins.

My favourite toy was san's glove. I dragged it with me everywhere.

I loved my toes a lot. I was always looking at them.

See what I mean?

I also loved sleeping on this cushion in the living room. I was KING of the castle then. Now I have other kitties staying with me but I don't mind. They know who THE BOSS is!


The first time I went to the beach I did not like it and stayed close with my cousin! I was about 6 months but I was still a little afraid of the noise and the water.

san taught me to walk with a harness when I was 6 months old. This was my first one and then I tried to escape. So she boughted me my red walking jacket. I like walking outside with the grass on my feet and smell the ixora.

This was when I was 1 year old. san boughted me a jacket and made me wear it. I did not move at all and that teached her not to make me wear clothes anymore..hehe

Ms Akira and I used to be best friends but I hardly see her these days. But when I do see her, we hang out together like always :) But we do not groom each other anymore. san is a little sad by this but I told her that life goes on and we love each other still except now we love each other from a few feet away :)

This is my Easy peasy Sunday pikshur. This is what I look like this morning :)

san says I am not any different from before except I am much bigger and much more relaxed! I am 7++ years old but san says it is easier to think in whole numbers so she says maybe I could be 8 years old. I still ask san loudly to open the door in the morning and tell her when it is time to eat. I still love going for walks. I still love my grandma and sit with her in the afternoons and also accompany her to bed in the evening BUT I sleep with san in my own bed near the window. AND finally I still am THE BOSS!


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Bujang!

We loved reading all about you when you were little and looking at all the wonderful pictures. You were very lucky to come and live with San!

The Chans

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Gotcha Day, handsome Bujang!

We LOVED your kitten pictures and enjoyed learning more about you when you were a wee tot; Mommy squealed at your photos! We're glad you are the boss!

Mr Puddy said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Bujang

What a great day to celebrate you have a lovely forever home and family ! Have a pawsome day.
Happy Hugs and Purrs

The Lee County Clowder said...

Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Bujang. You were a cutie when you were little. We hope you got lots of treats and cuddles.