Monday, June 21, 2010

Community Cats on Monday

Mera @ cat_aunty
Ooohhhh the grass feels very good. A good stretch is all I need to make me happy.

Hat is looking very well indeed. He knows the blue shows him off very well.

FatBoy@Wild Bunch

FatBoy ate half a can after his Eprex, SubQ and his suspension+Apo-k+kidney activator. He behaved very well for all his meds. The aunty came by to see him but he didn't come out when he called her. We placed two more water bowls in 2 other places that he frequents so I hope he sees them when he makes his rounds. The aunty gave him some more food later on. I hear from the aunty that someone else gave him food last night at about 10.00. I am glad many people know him and like him.


mylittlebuddies said...

FatBoy is a very lucky community cat! So many people take care of him! :)

Anonymous said...

If you like to try Epakitin(natural and aluminium-free), phosphate-binder, can send some to you to sprinkle on FatBoy's food. Polysilic's good and it is antacid too ;)

san said...

Hi Anon
Thanks for the offer but FatBoy is extremely suspicious of anything sprinkled on his food. That is why I had taken to putting his Apo-K in his suspension.