Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wiles

Finally Tanaka made it to the top of the cages. I had opened the doors so everyone could take a look at what is inside or outside the cages. Tanaka took one look at the opened cages and figured out he could sit in top of them in three steps.
Bujang was also curious but as Tanaka had first dibs, he was not able to get on top of the cages. Tanaka actually slapped him. POW!!
3 investigators on the job.
Finally Tanaka could rest quite comfortably. I gave him his friend for comfort and even now he is on top of the cages, asleep. I fugured I would just give Akira's cage a quick wipe when she has to be in it at night and open the doors in the morning so The Rocket can get his nap in peace. he was very restless yesterday and then spent the remainder of the evening in the room by himself as he wanted to rest away from the rest of the boys. I already have one kitty in perpetual hiding and do not need another.

Since today will be a full day of rain, I think Tanaka would appreciate a good nap outside with the family yet away from family :)


Anonymous said...

I guess you know who the top cat in the household is ;)

san said...

He is all of 2 years old :)