Monday, June 14, 2010

Megat's Review

I dun think I want to go there any time soon san...
Megat's blood test

The indicators are all good I'm glad to know. His kidneys are not in any trouble with Crea being at 1.5 (0.3-2.1) and BUN at 26 (10-30). His GLU is 145 but Dr L was not concerned. The blood test was done on CHEM8. Dr L instructed his assistant to teach all the nurses how to use it and he said that he wanted it to be used in surgeries. It was very fast and I saw the whole thing in the consultation room. His PCV, which CHEM8 also measures is 34% (29%-53%). However Dr L gave him an anabolic steroid laurabolin for his kidneys and liver.

Dr L listened to his lungs and reported that only his left lung has a a little wheeze and so he told me we should maintain his asthma homeo meds. Thank goodness!

Dr L saw him and was pleased at all his indicators. "This is not a sick cat," he said but cautioned me that I should bring him back in 4 months for his next review. Btw Megat is now 4.56 kg! No wonder Cousin R said her arms feel numb every time she has to help us with the meds :)

All in all, Megat and I were very pleased with the reviwe.


Anonymous said...

Great, great news!! Glu at 145 is within normal range. Generally cats are scared at vet and b/g goes up. Miss you at vet as i was at Bioresonance today. What's CHEM8? Within mins? How to read liver? More importantly, hope it is cheeep-er than Prep-Profile.

san said...

Dr L only wanted the kidney readings as I was worried about the water he has been drinking these past two months. But he gave Megat the shot that would benefit his liver too. CHEM8 is Chemistry 8, tests 8 indicators. It took about 5 minutes for the whole thing to be over from the taking of the blood to the readings. Yes, I think it was the cheapest I could remember :)

KXBC said...

Great news.

For Megat to be sick and still at 4.56kg, that's very good.

Maybe he was never a kidney patient to start with?

san said...

I think they had based it on the fact that he was severely dehydrated when I first brought him in. He was also a senior cat with FIV. I don't remember what his indicators were though.

Anonymous said...

My cat's HyperT meds caused creatinine go up to 2.7. Another of my cat had fungal meds that caused creat to 3.5. Both cats have creat within normal range presently but i would continue to manage them as kidney cats with Sub-Q/meds/supplements. I know of another cat whose glaucoma eye drops cause high creat too. So are they "kidney cats"? I won't dare to stop Sub-Q to find out.