Monday, June 14, 2010

My new haircut

He looks nice in his new haircut. More importantly, he is not as naughty as before and now that his hair is short, he would just rub against Bujang when its meal time. He is not as aggressive at night and would just sit and look angrily at Bujang. Before, he would launch himself at Bujang like a WWF wrestler.

Other than this puzzling behavior, he is always well-behaved and a little blur. He would ask for attention, brushing, food and scritches confidently but he would run off as soon as Megat stares in his direction :)


Anonymous said...

We have our fair share of blur sotongs. One is named Forrest (Gump), he was a sotong from Day#1 of kittenhood. Lynx, the other sotong is called Sotong more. When it's treat time, sotongs are always at the back-one step behind in everything.

KXBC said...

Really nice haircut. He has the kind of face whch will make you want to forgive all his misdemeanors.