Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wiles

TTanaka: Its my man-tent san. You know like what the men do when they get together. I need some drums and a pipe now and maybe a drink...
san: a drink?
Tanaka: offur couse. Offur water!
Tanaka is the only one who managed to get inside and turn around easily. Megat has yet to try and Toro does not like these spaces.

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Anonymous said...

My cats love a hammock or fabric sling. ikea's panel curtains (45cm wide) are excellent as they are of the right width and strong. Make folds on two ends to insert rods. Tie rods to 2 supports (2 sets of ikea's shelving with hammock in between). That is my cheap cat "tree".
It may take a while for cats to get on (it swings a bit), but once they get the hang of it-they hardly get off. If bonded cats stay on one hammock together you need to use 2 layers of fabric.

I love your cats' luxurious tent!