Sunday, June 20, 2010

FatBoy on Sunday

FatBoy was more interested in water than food this evening. I think he had forgotten where his bowl of fresh water was as he no longer goes to the stone seats. Eversince the aunty moved house, he is hardly there in the evenings although sometimes people have seen him walking there in the night. He was very lethargic when I called for him and did not want to eat. he licked his food a little and then left. I thought he would wait for me later for food so I left him to his own devices.
When I came back, I thought he might be thirsty and indeed he was. He drank a whole bowlful of water and then walked away to sit by himself. I went to get him some more water and he drank some more. I left him alone to sit under the slide and waited for him to ask for food. He finally did ask for food but ate only a few mouthfuls.

He then decided to sit on the bench and I gave him some more water.

Here FatBoy lapped it up slowly. I guess he was not thirsty anymore...
nor was he hungry but he sat close to me for abit....

I told him he had to eat his food properly or else the vet might give him some more meds. But he did not seem concerned. When I left him, he was sitting by himself in the park. He looked very lonely and I prayed that he would be well throughout the night. My only consolation was that he ate 2 cans yesterday and drank 1.5 bowlfuls of water this evening. So he would be okay I think.

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