Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FatBoy Update

NO! I do not want anymore of the meds. NO!

This evening we did not have many successes when it comes to medicating the kitties. Megat refused 2 suppositories and FatBoy was very unhappy with the suspension. He would usually take it well but this evening, he struggled and then sunk one very sharp nail into my hand. OUCH. Some of the suspension went onto his fur near his mouth (which was good), some on my hand and 1 ml went into his mouth. Cousin R had a small scratch.

However, when she came by his void deck, he actually went up to her to ask for more food. This was good cos maybe he had forgotten all about his nasty experience. I suppose on Friday, I would have to cuff him firmly as he is still very strong. He would need his Eprex, 300 ml SubQ and his suspension+Apo_k mixture. The vet recommended that we up his fluids to 300 ml as I am giving the SubQ on alternate days apart from the weekends. I am feeling anxious already.

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Anonymous said...

San is caring cat care-giver, you have a good chance to get better FatBoy.