Saturday, June 19, 2010

The answers to the questions about the new cages

Today the Metta Cats volunteers came to pick up our old cages. One of them asked me where I got these cages from. He also asked me if I can re-stack them or un-stack them.

I got the cages from Pet Smart at Tampines One. I noticed that only Pet Smart would have big cages and multi-tiered ones. Anyway, our cages are made up of two-different type of cages. the bottom cage is for a small dog and its very spacious for Megat and his triangular litter box. He can sit very comfortably and stretch his now rather rotund self in it.

The top cage is a 2-tiered cat cage as I know Ms Akira likes jumping up onto the shelves of her old cage. The plastic seating platform is wider and more stable. It takes up half the length of the cage and so she can jump up on it as well as down from it to sit on the lower half. She now can lie full stretch on the bottom half of her cage. I had stacked the cages on top of each other to save space. It also gave Tanaka a new point of view of the whole living room and he stays on top of the cages all day, unless its time to eat or play.

PS also has a 3-tiered cat cage but its a little smaller in length, about 3/4 of this one. That one has 2 seating platforms but they are on an open concept so there are no fully closed partitions.

These cages are bigger so the kitties can move about easily and I am very happy with the fact that they are both easy to clean.

PS is also very prompt in their service. I bought the shelves on Friday and it came on Tuesday. They assembled the shelves in 10 minutes. But the men who came did not speak much English. Actually they were both from China. One of them was from the store and so he knew what I needed him to do as he was there when I was discussing the cages with another salesperson and she translated everything for him as he was very knowledgeable about what merchandise the store offered. So we had some English and some charades but everything was done quite fast. I had to request that they help me clear out the boxes though as the both of them suddenly just went out of my house without taking the empty boxes with them.

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