Monday, June 21, 2010

No Monday Blues Here

Ms Akira enjoyed Monday morning very much. She was the first one to welcome the sun at our house this morning.

Ms Akira at Play

It was very good to see her so frisky this morning. She was totally absorbed with playing. I had put all the boys in the room so she had the run of the house. 15 minutes was all she wanted because after that, she walked calmly into her room and sat grooming herself on top of the bookcase :)

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KXBC said...

I am reading this book borrowed from the library called "Cat Confidential". It's written by a professional cat counsellor who assists with cat issues. Easy to read and digest. Lots of lovely examples eg multi-cat household issues which we are both experiencing (Akira's issue), how to cope with an elderly cat (Megat).

We may be able to pick up some tips and tricks she had used to resolve her clients' issues.