Sunday, June 16, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

We are glad to report that everyone is easy peasy, even Ms Akira.
Ms Akira sat for a bit before breakfast for a chat session. 
Megat was feeling better and walked out of his own bed without me having to tell him to. He is still on marbocyl and will be for 7 more days. But he is on the mend. 
Here I am guarding the laundry and my pot of grass! I am always vigilant. 
Bujang was watching everyone and keeping an eye out for the laundry man...far way from the usual. 

I have been inundated with spam and yesterday opened one of my blog entries that had a spam message and saw this. 
I'm sure Totoro is feeling easy peasy as well at the Bridge :)

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Eileen said...

Megat, we are happy to hear that you are feeling better. San must have been so worried. Meow, Jessica