Monday, June 24, 2013


We are sad to report that Megat's lymphoma is back - now in his intestines. He has lost more weight from two weeks ago. He is now 3.65 kg. He has been vomitting just clear liquid for the past week as well. Dr Ly said his intestines are hard and corded. So we are starting again with his chemo protocol, only this time it will only be vincristine 0.1. Dr Ly did say that there is no cure for lymphoma, only remission and it may come back anytime at all.
When he came home, he had some dinner, which is a good thing as he did not eat las night and I had to feed him with a syringe this morning where he had only 6 ml of Waltham's Renal wet food. 

He is now sleeping and has a fever from the vincristine. 

The chemo protocol that had helped him through his first bout of lymphoma is below. This is what we will follow this time round as well.
Sang hwang suppository 1x a day
2.5 sang hwang extract (1 ml in the morning and 1.5 ml in the evening)
2 ml colloidal silver (1x1 twice a day)
10 drops of milk thistle/silymarin (if liver functions deteriorates)
1.5 ml duphalac for constipation. 
He takes all this in a mixture of strained pumpkin and papaya. 
250 ml Hartmann's Solution daily for SubQ
I have to ask Dr Ly about the predisolone next week when he goes for his vincristine jabs.

He would get 8 weeks of vincristine with a 3 - week rest and 1 comprehensive blood test after the 8 weeks. 

I am not as scared or panicky this time round and we will just go through this protocol as we has done before. But all purrayers are welcome. 


Ginger Jasper said...

Oh poor darling. You have my loudest purrs and prayers. I hope its not too hard the treatment. Hugs GJ x

Anonymous said...

Prayers for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Megat

Everyone in my family are praying for you. Be strong!