Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putih at the vet

Life is uncertain. Enjoy it when you can.
Cousin R told on Monday that Putih was limping again. I told her we should monitor her and if it got worse we would bring her to the vet. It got worse and today the vet had to sedate her so she could see if there was pus under her swollen joints of her right foreleg. Dr L took a Vetscan prep profile and I was glad that her bloodwork was excellent. I don't think I could take another cat with renal failure! But she was sedated for the examination. 

She had several wounds under her fur and one deep one near her joint. Dr L had to cut a small incision to see if there were pus tracks but there was none. She did an xray and there were no broken bones. It was a 30 minute surgery and we were very lucky as we were the last patient for the day. Dr L said she had to be indoors and so we had to persuade grandma to allow her in the house. She was in our house 4 years ago to recuperate from her sterilization surgery and grandma remembered her as being a very good patient. She has to be here for a week at most and has to go to the clinic everyday for antibiotic injections as she is not very good with oral meds and I do not know how she would take me giving her injections. 

The vet said most probably she would have gotten into a cat fight and indeed people have abandoned 2 cats at her block and the cats go into the school too. I was glad that she was not abused by crazy people. Cat fights are something a community cat has to face and she has survived 5 years already. It is no good moving her as she would find her way into the school and go back to her territory.

Now I just need to keep the amigos away from her and this would be a most delicate operation!

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Anonymous said...

Joints of the paw or "elbow"? Arthritis? My JCat has arthritis. Her joints are swollen and she limps-on&off. No glucosamine as cat is diabetic, on celadrin.
Sometimes cat wounds heal on the surface but infection is deep down. One of my community cats had puncture wound lanced, healed (on surface), swelled up - 3x. Needed a stunt to drain fluid for a week before incision was allowed to heal from inside to the outside. Fortunately it worked, it was difficult cleaning abscess of unfriendly cat.